Review: Direct Strike by Lorelei Buckley

Direct Strike by Lorelei Buckley
Release Date: April 4, 2012
Publisher:  Lyrical Press, Inc.
Pages: 241
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

There’s no rest for the haunted.

If someone had asked Zoey Hawthorne eighteen months ago to describe her life she would have said it couldn’t be better. Perfect marriage, booming business, and best of all, her son was alive. Today she’s divorced, unemployed, and pissed at the universe for taking her child, a loss that’s cracked her soul in half. To date, she’s addicted to pain meds and anger, with no intention of turning back.

When Zoey inherits a ranch in rural Colorado from an estranged great uncle, she leaves Chicago behind to self-destruct in peace. But lightning changes her plans. Zoey is struck and left with an extrasensory gift that lets her see one more problem on her hands: vengeful spirits haunting her land. To stop the cycle of death rampant on her property, Zoey must solve a fifty-year-old mass murder while keeping her hot lover from melting her armor. She’s tough enough for the task–provided she isn’t killed in the process.


Review: Direct Strike is definitely a book that is different from any other books I’ve read. I could not stand the main character from the beginning. Zoey, is mourning the loss of her ten year old but has turn to abusing alcohol and prescription drugs to ease her pain. You want to feel sorry for her but she is so mean and harsh to everyone she talks to especially her ex-husband who clearly still has feelings for her. She moves from her home town to a small town in Colorado after she inherits a house and a bunch of money from an unknown uncle.

In a stupor Zoey thinks she sees a young child being murdered in the forest behind her house. When she rushes out to save him in the middle of a storm she gets struck by lighting. After she returns from the hospital the story gets interesting. You wonder if the voices she hears are ghosts or figments of her imagination from the overuse of drugs. A mystery is presented to her from these voices and the rest of the novel is about how she solves the mystery of the young man she saw murdered.

By the end of the novel I started to like Zoey because she learns to deal with life without being drunk and high. You learn to like her as you get to know the real Zoey. The author does a very good job getting into the psyche of all the characters. I would really like to read more books about Zoey.