Review: Devil’s Mountain by Bernadette Walsh

Devil’s Mountain by Bernadette Walsh
Series: The Devlin Legacy (# 1)
Release Date: June 18, 2012
Publisher:  Lyrical Press
Pages: 122
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

You will hate Him for all that he’s taken, but you will love Him. God help you, you will love Him.

Mary Devlin accepted her fate years ago, to serve Slanaitheoir, the mountain spirit who saved her ancestors from the Irish Famine. The hauntingly beautiful woman submitted to His every caress, His every humiliation, but He’s gone too far by threatening her family.

Mary’s daughter-in-law is now an unwitting pawn in the fickle spirit’s game. Mary must challenge her fate and that of all future Devlin women, but Slanaitheoir is the most powerful being in the land. And when part of her still yearns for His touch and love, how can she fight him and win?


Review: We begin with a young woman named Caroline at her wedding to Bobby Connelly. The couple met in New York, but both of their families hail from a very small area of Ireland. Both families have roots that tie them back to Devlin’s Mountain. Caroline’s mother Nellie had known Bobby’s mother Mary since childhood. Nellie screams that Mary is a witch and will not approve of the wedding.

Our couple weds and tries to have the normal life. Caroline soon learns the blessings and tragedies of what it means to be a part of the Devlin family.

Devil’s Mountain is a wonderful short story that packs the punch of a full length novel. Told from Caroline and Mary’s point of view, gives us two side of this tale that will surprise you. Mary tells us the history of the Devlin family and their curse. Caroline does not realize that her wants are affected by this curse and puts into motion things that will cause pain later.

I have a hard time writing this, without giving too much away. For a story that is only 122 pages, we get so much information, twists, turns and surprises. You will think “Did that just happen”. This book gets my highest praise. The story flows at a perfect pace. The world building is great, characters are well written and likable both crazy and charming.

Devil’s Mountain is the first in the series. I will be reading book 2.




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  1. Bernadette Walsh says:

    Thank you so much fro reading my book and for the wonderful review. Book 2 comes out in December!

    • Deana says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review of your work. I truly looking forward to the next book.

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