Review & Contest: The Lycan Moon by S. Durham

The Lycan Moon by S. Durham
Release Date: June 28, 2011
Publisher:  MuseItUp Publishing
Pages: 238
Source:  contest at The Romance Reviews

Rescued from the streets of Seattle by her adoptive mother, a witch and a seer, Dana Pierce learned early on about her talent as a witch. Now a successful news columnist, she not only embraces her craft, but has spent the last five years of her life in search of a man she believes she’s destined to help, a man cursed to immortality by an unfortunate ancestor. Calen Meer has carved out a quiet life in the port town of Astoria, Oregon, and though immortality has made him a wealthy man, he lives simply, running a charter fishing business, where only a very few know he is a werewolf. That is until the infinitely curious, albeit irresistible, Dana Pierce enters his life. As Ms. Pierce blithely goes about unearthing a past best left forgotten, Calen is torn between his anger at her intrusion into his life and the profound effect she has on him. But when several women are found brutally murdered, Calen must face the fact that a creature, not unlike himself, is not only escalating in its rabid need, but Dana may be his next victim. As their volatile attraction to each other heats up, a devastating secret from the past threatens to destroy them both unless Calen can set his prejudices aside, and let Dana offer the help she’s been born for.


Review: Werewolves, witches, romance, and suspense this book has many great things to recommend it. The Lycan Moon is a great story all the way around. I am hoping that some of the secondary characters come back in future titles of their own. It took me a few chapters to get into it because I have been reading a lot of erotica lately and this has a completely different focus. Once I got into it though I enjoyed the story a lot. It was a refreshing change of pace for me. The romance is interwoven into the story. The Lycan Moon has substance; it is not a case of a romance novel where the book is a bunch of mating scenes with filler.

The back story for The Lycan Moon has a nice little twist. I enjoyed the mix of witchcraft and werewolf mythology. Having the additional interaction added another level to the legend. Calen is definitely a character I was pulling for throughout the book. Long tortured heroes get me all the time. Dana has a tenacity that just makes you love her. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between them. I also think that there is potential for this author to go forward if she chose to make this book part of a series. I will be looking for more books by S. Durham and hopefully she will take me on some other fun journeys.




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8 thoughts on “Review & Contest: The Lycan Moon by S. Durham

  1. Maureen says:

    I enjoy paranormals because anything is possible in them and they are a great escape from everyday life.

  2. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I also read PNR b/c anything is possible. I love how creative and detailed authors get… it’s so fun to escape into a literally different world.

  3. Patsy Hagen says:

    As others have said, I love to read Paranormal, because anything is possible. I open a book and…Bam!…I am sucked into another world, far far away from any problem I have.

  4. Leanna Hiner says:

    I love reading paranormal books because they really allow your imagination to go wild and nothing is impossible! I cannot get enough of this genre.

  5. I love paranormal books because I have always loved Vampires and I like to play out the books stories in my own mind. I like it best when the author has already shared with you who they pictured for the characters that makes it more appealing to me. I have read paranormal for 10 years or more. Its my favorite genre.

  6. I like to read paranormal because there really isn’t any “realness” to it. I wish some things were real, but I know I can pick up a paranormal book and not have to think about real life for a while.
    Lauren @ Mommabears Book Blog

  7. Crystal Newman says:

    I enjoy paranormal books. To have such a huge mix all together is something that would take a lot of writing and imagination to do and I can’t wait to get the chance to read it. Thanks for sharing with us today.

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