Review: Cat Burglar in Training by Shelley Munro

Cat Burglar in TrainingCat Burglar in Training by Shelley Munro
Release Date: February 20, 2012
Publisher:  Carina Press
File Size: 87,000 words
Source:  ebook provided by the author


Eve Fawkner had no intention of following in her father’s footsteps. But when the thugs harassing him to repay his gambling debts threaten her young daughter, Eve is forced to assume the role of London’s most notorious cat burglar, The Shadow. The plan is simple: pull off a couple of heists, pay back the goons and go into permanent retirement. But things get messy during her first job when Eve witnesses a murder, stumbles across a clue that sheds some light on her past and, worst of all, falls for a cop.

Inspector Kahu Williams would be the perfect man, if Eve were looking, and if there wasn’t the little matter of their career conflict. The man is seriously hot—and hot on the trail of a murderer. A trail that keeps leading him back to Eve…


Review: Shelley Munro won my reading loyalty years ago with the Talking Dog series, and more recently with Christmas is Coming. With Cat Burglar in Training, she keeps up the light-hearted romance and throws in a mystery to boot.

This book has all the elements of a good and solid romantic mystery – a reluctant cat burglar, a detective determined to solve a crime, a family of odd-duck but well-meaning “former” burglars, a loan shark, and a murder. Then there are the secondary elements: Who is stealing gardens? Who is the second cat burglar, leaving business cards and stealing what should rightfully belong to the heroine cat burglar?

No spoilers here, but just know that once you pick up this book it will be hard to put down. The addition of the mysteries-within-the-mystery kept me turning pages and staying up late (or getting back late from lunch!) just to see where the story would lead and how Eve would juggle her new-found duties as the Shadow, her head-strong and interfering family, the loan shark with the octopus arms, her attraction to the man on the opposite side of the law, and the stolen kisses with Kahu.

Favorite Quote: My wee croissant


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  1. Maria D. says:

    I have this book in my tbr…I bought it because I too love reading Shelley’s books and I thought the cover was intriguing. Good review!

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