Review: Beautiful Obsession by Juniper Bell

Beautiful Obsession by Juniper Bell
Release Date: April 25, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 65
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher



 Jack Cartwright has put his wild sexual side firmly in the past so he can focus on his graduate studies. All he wants is to finish his thesis. But the appearance of three mysterious students in a neighboring suite throws his careful plans into chaos. Especially when he catches the three of them together…in bed.Clare, Luc and Rob have a highly unusual relationship. Friends since childhood, the two boys rescued Clare from unimaginable horrors. They’ve been her protectors ever since, and something more. But Clare can’t stop thinking about the sexy, smoldering resident advisor down the hall, and what fierce urges might be hiding behind his controlled exterior.Now Jack’s dark sexual needs threaten to derail his career as the irresistible threesome lures him into their secret erotic world. But when obsession takes hold, rules don’t stand a chance.


Review:  Beautiful Obsession by Juniper Bell is a unique and mysterious erotic romance about a graduate student who is captivated by a beautiful student. No matter how hard these two people try to fight their attraction, it only keeps growing more powerful, but they aren’t the only two people involved.

Jack Cartwright has given up his formerly wild ways and has settled down as a graduate student. He is completely focused on finishing his thesis until three mysterious students begin to intrigue him. As a resident assistant he sees and knows most of the people living in his building. Clare is a beautiful young woman who has caught his eye, but she seems to be somehow involved with two of the men living on Jack’s floor. She is always with Luc and Rob, and Jack can’t figure out which one is actually her boyfriend. The more he tries not to think about Clare, the more obsessed he becomes with her.

I very highly recommend this book. It is well written and while it is not a full length novel, it isn’t overly short either. The author gives the reader enough time to feel invested in these characters and their story. There is a very mysterious air to this story that almost makes it feel a bit dark. I like a story that is different from the norm, and that is one of the things I loved about this story. The relationship between the characters is also unique. Clare, Luc, and Rob have had a deep relationship since childhood, and it’s definitely an unusual relationship.

Jack prides himself on being a devoted student and a responsible person. This obsession with Clare is threatening that, and he fights it all the way. This creates some great tension that builds up the emotions. The heat level is high, and there are some very light BDSM aspects to the story. It’s a quick read that will hook you right from the start and keeps you hooked until the very end. When I was finished, I didn’t want it to end.

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