Review: An Indiscretion by Lynne Marshall

An Indiscretion by Lynne Marshall
Release Date: March 20, 2012
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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A doctor… A nurse… An indiscretion…

Paul Valverde is stretched to the limit, caring for an elderly relative while running a business and maintaining a full-time medical practice at St. Stephen’s Hospital–with no time for a relationship.

RN Carrington Hanover leaves her money-hungry fiance at the altar and moves on to a new job at St. Stephen’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The next man in her life must love her, not her money.

All work and no play has made Paul an unfulfilled man, and the resurrected redheaded crush from his youth is driving him to distraction. Can their complicated past become untangled by their new found attraction–or will their love be doomed by mistrust and long-held resentment?


Review: With their family’s high social status and impeccable WASP credentials, there was no way in hell that Wesley Hanover was going to allow his daughter Carrington to attend a high school dance with a boy of Hispanic origin. So what if Paul Valverde was of blue blooded Spanish origin.? Hanover not only refused to allow Carrington to attend the function, he accused the boy of stealing his money, ensuring that he was taken away by the police, in order to blacken his name. This type of insult is not easily forgotten.

Carrington turned her back on her controlling father a long time ago, after her mother’s tragic, early death from colon cancer. With a strong work ethic instilled into her by her nanny, she trained and worked as a nurse. A twist of fate has made her the assistant of the hotshot doctor and medical researcher/businessman, which Dr. Paul Valverde has now become. Now the shoe is on the other foot. In an even more ironic twist, Carrington would not be acceptable to Paul’s family because she’s not Hispanic. The couple have so much in common – they both speak the Spanish language and love Spanish food, dance and culture. They seem made for each other. Paul, remembering the insult from Carrington’s father, toys with the idea of seducing and dumping her, to avenge himself, yet he cannot deny that the attraction between the two of them burns stronger than ever.

The couple try – and fail – to maintain a strictly business relationship. Can they learn to forget the past and make a future together? Yet as Carrington works alongside Paul to promote a new cancer screening technique (so close to her heart because of the way her mother died), can she be sure that he loves her for herself, or for her financial ability to invest in his business? Does he truly love her or is he just another gold digger?

Lynne Marshall has created a thrilling romance which kept this reader turning the pages to the conclusion. This is a writer who knows how to tell a story. She also knows the medical world thoroughly. She conveys the tension of hospital life, the richness of Hispanic culture and the highs and lows of romantic relationships with tremendous skill. The distinctive personalities of the two main characters emerge strongly. What a power couple! A read which satisfies on many levels.

Favorite Quote: He’d learned early on about the invisible barrier between old society money and people like his mother who aspired to join the club. Carry’s father had put a quick and cruel end to their budding puppy love the day Paul had had the audacity to ask her out. He’d been falsely accused of stealing and led off in a squad car.

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    This sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing the review, adding this book to my wish list

  2. thank you so much for such a wonderfully written review. It is thorough and your personal comments made me smile all day!

    Keep up the great work – Romancing the Book, and special thanks to Donnell, Maria D., and Christine Warner for commenting on this review.

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