Review: A Dangerous Expectation by Cecilia Gray

A Dangerous ExpectationA Dangerous Expectation by Cecilia Gray
Series: Gentlemen Next Door (# 3)
Release Date: March 28, 2012
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Service
Pages / File Size: 57/203kb
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 In the cloistered English countryside, an improbable couple will defy expectation.

Miss Cassandra Drummond, shipping heiress and consummate shut-in, flees London and the hectic to-do of her sister’s upcoming nuptials. She wants a quiet summer away from everyone, especially marriage-seeking fortune hunters.

She doesn’t expect Mr. Gray Abernathy to prove dangerous to her impregnable walls.

Mr. Gray Abernathy, poor ducal relation and consummate harmless flirt, eeks by on his charming manner and his pretty face. He wants an independence where he isn’t beholden to anyone, certainly not a shipping heiress.

He doesn’t expect Miss Cassandra Drummond to prove dangerous to his impregnable heart.

Fortunately for all, love and life can often exceed expectations…


Review: I enjoyed A Dangerous Expectation, but I felt that there were scenes missing that could have filled in the story a little. It was an emotional tale that captured my heart. I found myself empathizing with Cassandra at first and later empathizing with Gray. They are both broken and in need of healing. This is a story that I think many people can relate to and understand.

Cassandra is more than just a shut-in. She’s become an agoraphobic. It’s sad to find out that she feels such anxiety and terror in social situations that she just shuts down inside. She cares so much for her family that she retreats into herself to prevent anyone from getting mad at her and taking it out on her parents and siblings. That she meets her match in Gray is fantastic since he has his own personal demons to fight. He is also suffering but for a totally different reason, but he sees that she’s broken and immediately makes the decision to help her, not knowing that in the end, he’ll be helping himself as well. He comes to love her for herself and not for who she is or who she is related to.

The couple of scenes that “fade to black”, as I like to call it, are most likely meant to keep within the blush romance standards, but I feel like there could have been just a little more fill or explanation before it just ends and then when we flip the page, a whole new day starts. It made it feel a bit incomplete, like I was wanting more. It didn’t have to break any of the rules of a blush romance, but the way it sharply ended made me flip back to see if I missed something. There were only two of those scenes that I got confused over, so it isn’t enough to detract from the tone of the book. Overall, though, it was a good book and I enjoyed it. I give credit to the author for writing the heroine as an agoraphobic. I don’t remember reading a heroine like that before.

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  1. Maria D. says:

    I have not read any of the books in this series but I’ll add it to my list. Sounds like a good premise for a series.

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