Interview & Contest: Carla Swafford

Today we’re turning the blog over to Terri…

I’m so excited to interview my good friend, author Carla Swafford. Carla’s debut, Circle of Desire, takes you on a fast paced, sexy ride and introduces you to mercenary organizations, The Circle and the OS.

Circle of Danger, the next book in the series takes you farther into The Circle and its magnificent group of characters.

Terri: Carla, tell us a little about Circle of Danger.
Carla: In this book we get to find out about Ryker, the new leader of The Circle, and Marie, the woman he loves. In the beginning of their story, Marie disobeys Ryker and goes on a simple fact finding assignment but things go terribly wrong and she’s injected with a new designer drug that has killed four other women. When Ryker chases a lead on the antidote, he’s captured by a new evil. Marie refuses to wait until someone else saves her man, so she goes after him. When they reunite, Ryker fears that he must protect her from himself as he’s become the monster he always feared.

Terri: Now I’ve had the privilege of reading Circle of Danger already. I know how hot things get between Marie and Ryker. Tell us what it was like writing those sexy scenes.
Carla: I guess I’m a lot like most romance authors as I find them difficult. But where others have a rough time because they’re uncomfortable writing about sex, I worry that people may become bored by reading the usually kiss, grope, oral sex, carnal sex, and climax scene. So I try to mix it up and add a little something different each time.

Truthfully, I can’t imagine writing a book without a few hot scenes and Danger has loads of them. We have to blame the designer drug. Marie’s, not mine.

Terri: Out of both books who is your favorite character to write and why?
Carla: I had to think hard on that one. Olivia from CIRCLE OF DESIRE might be my favorite so far. Though she acts like man as she loves sex, guns, and sex, and she believes she’s hard inside, but in actuality, she’s a big marshmallow.

With Marie in CIRCLE OF DANGER, she’s softer, and the reader will see as the story moves along, she’s a survivor and has a spine of steel. While Olivia feels like something is missing in her life but has no idea what it is until Collin shows up, Marie knows what she needs. Ryker. He’s the only man for her, and she’s come to terms with the possibility that he doesn’t feel the same way, so tries to find a place for herself in his organization.

Terri: What inspired you to write these books?
Carla: I had just finished writing my fourth paranormal and not getting any true interest from editors or agents from them. Frustrated, I decided I needed to write something different, and we’re always told to write what you love to read. Besides paranormals, I love spy/mercenary types like La Femme Nikita, a TV series from 1997 – 2001. And I loved Linda Howard’s spies, especially from All The Queen’s Men. So that’s how I found myself writing about a female assassin and the people involved in a secret organization.

Terri: Do you have a favorite book or author?
Carla: Oh, yes and there are so many. I guess if I narrowed it down to the one I re-read recently it would be Anne Stuart’s Fire and Ice. Reno is so sexy and Jilly is the perfect one to keep him on his toes. I love all the crazy things they go through while keeping one step in front of the bad guys.

Terri: Will we be seeing more of the OS and Circle characters soon? Oh, yes. The next book is CIRCLE OF DECEPTION. Several fans have asked for Abby (A.J.) and Rex’s story.
Carla: Rex is a little angry as he lived for five years believing the woman he loves had been killed by The Circle. And Abby is that woman, alive and deadly, and refuses to say why she disappeared for so long.

Terri: If people wanted to know more about you and your books where could they find that information?
Carla: Oh, so many different places. Here’s a list:

Twitter: @carlaswafford
Group blog:

Terri: Carla, thank you for spending some time with us. I can’t wait for Circle of Desire to be released June 5th!


20 thoughts on “Interview & Contest: Carla Swafford

  1. Hi Carla,

    Great to see you over here. Congratulations on the launch of Circle of Danger. I wish you every success with the book and I look forward to reading it too.

  2. JoAnn Weatherly says:

    I love how you’ve handled the plots for this series — each one is different and fascinating! Just curious: How do you choose the names for your characters?

    • It’s strange, JoAnn. They just come to me. I think a little about their personalities and the name fits.

      Though Ryker’s goes by his last name, his first name is Arthur. That’s mainly from Circle of Desire and a little side kick from the King Arthur legend. 😀 You probably remembered us talking about that before.

  3. Maria d. says:

    This sounds like a must read series! I’ll be looking them up and adding them to my list. Thanks for the fun interview.

  4. Shannon says:

    Circle of Danger sounds great, but I think I’ll need to grab Circle of Desire for a read,first! Great concepts, love the sound of it. Of course, I’m going to have to get the Circle of Danger, just to read those sex scenes!

    Was wondering what some of the issues you have with writing a series that perhaps a reader just takes for granted?

    • Sorry. Forgot to answer the question. I mainly have to watch for inconsistencies. You know, the fellow who’s the hero in the second book has a different hair color than the first and he hadn’t dyed it. 🙂

      Another is the length of time to write a book (6 months or longer) and how the author may feel about that world in book one, may change by book three. So the tone of the series can change even though the author tries to keep them all the same (in a good way).

      Good question. Thanks.

  5. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for a fun post and giveaway! Congrats on the newest release! I’m super excited as a) I’m having a week long stay-at-home-cation and b) I bought your book, Circle of Desire, specifically for this! (I’ve been saving it for like a month… I’m weird I know) 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. And the winner is Maria d.! Congratulations. Email me at carla@ (no spaces) and let me know where I can send you a copy of Circle of Danger.

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