Guest & Contest: Tigris Eden on My Perfect Hero

My perfect Hero would be a lot of things…. Smart, Sexy, Funny, Suave and Tall! I did make a list… I don’t know if he’s out there but it’s possible! So here is my copulation!

 He has to be tall… There is a minimum height requirement of at least 6ft tall. You don’t hit the 6ft mark then you get nixed….

He has to be funny and alluring at the same time with a great sense of humor!

He has to be able to pull off the well sexed look. If he doesn’t look well sexed then how can he sex you up?

He has to be inventive, think of new and exciting ways to make you purr!

And have beautiful eyes that are expressive! Eyes that make you melt

And savagely beautiful!

We all want the look that says “Come and get some of this”

Of course we can’t forget his bad boy qualities…

The Kiss… And not just any Kiss… BUT… THE KISS!

We all want the knight in shiny armor, but I want my hero’s armor to be well used so I know he can save me when needed!

And of course he has to have a brain!

Body Art is a definite plus but not required!

And there you have it the perfect here in picture form! I don’t know what he’d look like with all these attributes together… But maybe you do?

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20 thoughts on “Guest & Contest: Tigris Eden on My Perfect Hero

  1. Maria D. says:

    I look for a man who is trustworthy, loyal, fair, compassionate and intelligent. I’d like him to be physically strong and secure enough in his masculinity that’s he’s also in touch with his emotional side. While he doesn’t have to look like a runway model – I would like him to have good hygiene and take care of himself too.

  2. Julianne says:

    He has to be confident, strong, honest, loyal, smart, funny, creative. He commands attention when he walks into a room, or by a crowd of people. I want him to be physically and emotiionaly strong. He has muscles on top of muscles, he’s not afraid of hard work. I want someone who will be honest with what he wants and honest about his feelings. He should be smart too, not necessarily Einstein smart but intelligent enough to carry on a conversation without grunting. A sense of humor is a must, he should be able to laugh at himself too. Be lighthearted and find the beauty in everything. And creative in the bedroom, or kitchen or outside in the park or wherever. A little bit of a bad boy,

  3. Maria Pronounced Mariah says:

    My perfect hero is loyal, trust worthy, confident, tall, dark hair, well built, tats, piercing eyes!

  4. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for a great post and giveway! I’d like to say everything that Maria D said plus, a great sense of humor/snark 🙂

  5. April Alvey says:

    I Look For Loyalty protectiveness alpha courageous he has to be sexy to me he has to have a sense of humor and he must Be some what intelligent, I must be able to trust him no mater what. He Must command attention when he walks in a room he must be able to punish but also be fair as well. Oh and he must be a highlander.

  6. Tigris Eden says:

    Those are all awesome qualities! Lets go ahead and start building our perfect guy! 🙂 Thanks for all the comments and thanks to Romancing the Book for having me!

  7. Tamara LeBlanc says:

    I really enjoyed this post. The pictures, the commentary, good stuff.
    But since people are chiming in about what they think makes a perfect hero, I’ll add something too.
    I’m definitely attracted to tall men, that’s all I write about, in fact. Hot six footers, six-four-ers, six-fivers:) I, like most women, find tall guys incredibly appealing. Can you say, Joe ManganIello?
    But, I happen to be married to an under six-footer. He’s actually an inch shorter than me. And though his head doesn’t reach the clouds, my heart soars out of the stratosphere when he’s around.
    He’s everything a hero should be, strong, protective, confident, loyal, loving.
    He’s my heart, and I adore him.
    So, I know you’re into those taller guys, and that’s cool. They’re downright yummy…but give a short guy a nod now and then. He might just change your mind. 🙂
    Great post! Have a fantastic evening!!

  8. Crystal Newman says:

    I look for someone who can make you laugh. I also want someone who can take whatever is brought to them. Someone who has a strong side and a gentle side. I can look at pictures all day and see some quality in each man that I like. I could never just name one man. So I think that is what would be great about being an author. That way you can have a different quality in each guy and make him the way you want to. Then the next story pick another and so on.

  9. JoAnne says:

    A hero should be selfless, hardworking, caring, protective and loyal. Being easy to look at and having intelligence doesn’t hurt either.

    Loved all the pictures of your thoughts on what makes a hero!

  10. Linda says:

    Above all he has to be honorable! Hv to admit that being sexy as sin & having a great sense of humor helps

  11. leannessf says:

    The perfect hero has good intentions and will make sacrifices despite injury to themselves.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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