Review: Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson

Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson
Release Date: April 20, 2012
Publisher: Ruby Lioness Press
Pages: 38
Source: ebook provided by the author

As Chloe Frost focuses on renovating Winterbloom Bed and Breakfast, a blizzard dumps blankets of snow upon the sleepy town of Clearwater. An unexpected guest desperately needs a room after his car breaks down in the storm, but this mystery man seems tortured by his past. Can Chloe help him see through the pain and anger? Can Jordan Sheppard, once a Gunnery Sergeant of the Marines, finally let someone in and show him just what love is?


Review: Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson is a delightfully sweet romance that tells the story of Gunnery Sergeant Jordan Sheppard, who while serving in the Marines, lost a very close friend. Jordan blames himself for his friend’s death because his friend was taking his place on lookout since he was incredibly sick. Jordan should have been killed, not him – at least to his way of thinking. Trying to deal with severe PTS and on his way to visit his friend’s widow, Jordan gets caught up in a massive snowstorm. He finds shelter at a close by bed and breakfast, and while he is there, discovers that life is about more than pain and guilt.

Chloe Frost is now the sole owner of Winterbloom Bed and Breakfast now that her grandmother has passed away. While she is preparing to renovate, a massive snowstorm hits and while she figures on a quiet and peaceful few days of snowed in bliss, she is surprised when a strange man shows up at her doorstep.

I found Winterbloom to be a sweet and delightful little romance. Though short, the characters are fairly well developed and the story, itself, pulls the reader in. I truly enjoyed the way Jordan develops within the story and the relationship that blooms between him and Chloe. Ms. Dobson does a wonderful job of creating visual scenes that allow the reader to feel as though they are right there within the story. I do want to say that things seemed to develop quickly within the story – perhaps a bit faster than relationships/problem solving would actually occur in “real life”. I know this is a short story of fiction, which may be the reason for the quick unfolding of the events. Also, I am not sure if the author was shooting to make this a work of erotica or a sweet story of romance. The only reason I question this is because the voice of the story is sweet and caring, however when the love scenes occur, words typically used within erotica are used, which kind of broke the flow of the story for me. I do enjoy erotica, so that wasn’t the issue; the words just seemed out of place with the overall general flow and tone of the story.

Overall, I enjoyed Winterbloom and look forward to reading more by Marissa Dobson!

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