Review: Summer Days by Susan Mallery

Summer Days by Susan Mallery
Series: Fool’s Gold (# 7)
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley



Locked in an unexpected land dispute, Rafe Stryker is trapped in the one place he vowed never to return to—the Castle Ranch in Fool’s Gold, California. He made millions facing ruthless adversaries in the boardroom, but nothing could’ve prepared him to go head-to-head against stubborn, beautiful Heidi Simpson. No one is more surprised than Rafe to discover that he’s finding Heidi—and life as a cowboy—much more compelling than he wants to admit.

For Heidi, the Castle Ranch is the home she’s always wanted. After a life on the road, the vivacious blonde has finally put down roots. She won’t give that up without a fight, not even for a man whose late-night kisses make her yearn to be a little less…wholesome.

As the two turn from passionate adversaries to passionate, period, they’ll discover that summer love can last a lifetime.


Review: It is good to be back in Fool’s Gold! Susan Mallery takes us back to her wonderful fictional town with some new faces and many familiar ones. We met goat farmer Heidi Simpson in the previous series and she now has the starring role in Summer Days.

Like the Heidi from children’s classic, Heidi Simpson has grown up with her grandfather. Mallery’s Heidi comes complete with the braids but also with the quirky career choice of being a goat farmer and cheese maker. She’s not your typical romantic heroine but her vulnerable yet independent personality make you want to see her succeed in whatever she wants.

Unfortunately, Heidi’s grandfather is a little eccentric. He’s a former carny (yes, of the traveling carnivals) and is a real love em’ and leave em’ type of guy who also dabbles in swindling people. This time, he’s swindled a widow out of a quarter of a million dollars and the farm she thought she was purchasing and now her son is in Fool’s Gold to press charges.

Rafe Stryker has a history of his own with Fool’s Gold and would seemingly rather be anyplace else but there. His devotion to his mother brings him and keeps him in town where the four of them have to figure out how to amicably work out who is going to get the farm and how the money is going to be paid back.

Two more opposite character’s, I couldn’t imagine. Heidi is a farm girl and Rafe is a slick business man. With her running around in her braids and milking goats, it’s hard to imagine a city man like Rafe being attracted. As the story develops, however, Susan Mallery gives us a glimpse in to Rafe’s humble beginnings and it soon becomes very easy to see why these two characters can work.

As with all of Susan’s books, this was a great read from start to finish. We got to catch up on some of the inhabitants of Fool’s Gold from previous books while getting a glimpse of what is to come in the series all the while getting to know Rafe and Heidi.

If I had one complaint about the book it would be that I would have loved to see more of the actual relationship between Rafe and Heidi. We are privy to their thoughts when they are alone but once they become involved (and it took a while for that to happen), they had immediate obstacles to overcome that got in the way of a real relationship growing.

Being that Fool’s Gold is the land of happy endings, Summer Days certainly gives you one. It’s nice to read a book where the character’s are real people with real issues and I lift a glass to Susan for giving her readers yet another enjoyable read while keeping us in a place that we continually wish was real.


14 thoughts on “Review: Summer Days by Susan Mallery

  1. Maria D. says:

    I have loved all of the books in this series and can’t wait to read this one:) Good review

  2. Claire sax says:

    I do wish that Fools Gold were a real place. Can’t wait for all the books coming out this summer! LOVE Susan Mallery! Thanks for the review!

  3. Judie Bouldry says:

    Once again it was nice to visit Fools Gold, this is a series that I hope continues for many years. Looking forward to what’s to come.

  4. Kelly says:

    One of the things I loved about Summer Days was the lesson I learned from Rafe’s mom – you’re never too old to have a happily ever after…or too old to fall for a bad boy! 😉

  5. Kendra Ogles says:

    Susan’s Fool’s Gold series never disappoints. I loved Rafe and Heidi’s story. I love Shane already and I can’t wait to read his book next! 😀

  6. Brenda Rumsey says:

    Susan Mallery creates characters that we love and care about because many times we can see a little bit of us in each one. Each book in her “Fool’s Gold” series keep us wanting more. “SUMMER DAYS” is no exception. A heartwarming romance full of passion and happy endings. Can’t wait for the next two books coming out this summer.

  7. AngieMac says:

    I love this series!! It just keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait to read Shayne and Chad’s books. Thanks for the great interview!

  8. Charlotte says:

    Awesome review I agree that the mom of Rafe and the dad of Heidi are never to old for love. WEll romance is in the air for the Stryker men this year and oh so fun to share the stories with you and the cheerleaders…

  9. Shannon says:

    Susan Mallery delivers again in the next Fool’s Gold Series! Summer Days is a great summer read and should be on your must read list for the summer. Susan writes wonderful books, but the Fool’s Gold series has you always looking forward to the next book. I enjoyed Rafe, his family and can’t wait to meet his siblings in the books to come. Come on, who doesn’t love hot cowboys!!! If you’re looking for a series or even a fun summer read than Fool’s Gold is for you! Happy Reading!

  10. Claire sax says:

    Love this book and your review. I can’t wait to meet Annabelle & Stryker brother #2!

  11. Shannon says:

    SUMMER DAYS is the perfect beach read. It’s funny, romantic, sexy, and it’s light both in tone and in actual weight – you can toss the paperback into your beach bag and go. It should be on everyone’s must read list!

  12. I love Susan Mallery & Fool’s Gold!! Rafe & Heidi has a great chemistry together even though they are both stubborn. I feel so bad for Heidi, who finally has a home of her own. Rafe swore he would never go back to Fool’s Gold, but he did it for his mother. I love May. She was something else! If you are looking for a good romance book, then this is it! You won’t be disappointed! I can not wait to read the next 2 in the Fool’s Gold Series!

    • Since June, I have also read Summer Nights. It has became my favorite of all of the Fool’s Gold books. Summer Nights is another great summer read. Annabelle is caring, a great friend, & so sweet! I love that Annabelle wanted to learn how to ride a horse for her fundraiser for her bookmobile. There is 1 thing that I absolutely love a lot & it has to do with Shane, but I am not going to give it away. You also need to read Summer Nights to find out more about Heidi & Rafe’s story!!

  13. Stephanie G says:

    Great review! Summer Days was such a fun story. Made me LOL several times. I loved Heidi and Rafe!

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