Review: Return to the Sea by Rebecca Royce

Return to the SeaReturn to the Sea by Rebecca Royce
Release Date: August 3, 2011
Publisher: Decadant Publishing
Pages: 47
Source: From the Publisher for Review



The clock is ticking for Laneigh. Banished from the ocean ten years earlier, Laneigh is shocked to discover all the Mer people living on dry land die within a decade of leaving the sea. With her life ending, she boards a cruise ship, intent on challenging the Mer who destroyed her life. She doesn’t expect him to save her—but she has a request she is desperate he honor.

Hearing Laneigh’s name on the wind, Sylarus, son of the Mer king, is powerless to stop himself from seeing her. Defying his father’s edict, he rushes to meet the woman he’s desired his whole life. But when he learns of her impending death, something shifts deep inside Sylarus. He cannot—will not—let her die.

Sylarus and Laneigh face tremendous odds to be together. In the end, they will either change Mer society forever or perish in the attempt. Can true love forgive after a decade of betrayals?


Review: Return to the Sea is a short story that fills your heart with hope and love. This is a very emotional story; that will pull at every mother’s heartstrings.

Ms. Royce draws you in with the story of a dying mother and young daughter. Laneigh is so believable you feel, and cry along with her as she puts others before herself. She is strong and shows that she can stand on her own. Having been banished from her life as a mermaid, a pregnant woman alone on land shows her strength to

Pregnant she left behind all that she knew of her life, even the man that she loved. Laneigh found that a Mer could only live on land for ten years. Having run into other Mer people of which one was the Kings wife whom he had banished twelve years prior. She had since died but before she died she at least had the chance to see her granddaughter Lola whom Laneigh named after her.

Closing in on her eminent death Laneigh takes a cruise, throwing aside the fact that she is doing something she was never to do (technically she isn’t in the sea) go back to the sea. Calling to Sylarus to come to her, to meet and eventually take their daughter Lola back and raise her as a Mer. When he comes to her it is as if the past ten years never happened.

The anger Sylarus feels for her is slowly erased being replaced by the love that had consumed then from the time they were children. Still drawn to one another they have what Laneigh knows to be her last chance to feel Sylarus and the love she holds for him deeply in her heart. One last final release of the pent up passion is sweet and sexy.

Ms. Royce wrote a marvelous story about true love being there for you in times of need. A story in which forgiveness helps in hoping to find that peace before you dies. She has a winner on her hands. So grab your box of Kleenex’s as you may need them. Share in the delight of strong a woman, a mother’s love and a one true love.

Return to the Sea is the beginning of many more stories to come I hope.


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