Review: Raising the Devil by Diana Thorn

Raising the Devil by Diana Thorn
Release Date: July 22, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 45
Source: ebook provided by the publisher



Determined to forget the horrors of Waterloo, Stephen Fessingdon spends a particularly debauched night on the town with his former brothers in arms before stumbling into his aunt’s parlor and mistaking a respectable young woman for a notorious courtesan. The mistake is quickly cleared up, and just as quickly, he falls in love with the beautiful and sensual Catherine.

After six years of wedded bliss, the only impediment to Stephen and Catherine’s happiness is their childlessness. To rectify the situation, the sexually adventurous couple arrange a house party. Catherine, masquerading as the well-known whore she resembles, will couple with five of Stephen’s closest friends-all men he trusts and admires-thereby procuring a child without the danger of Stephen’s jealousy or resentment fixing on any one man.

But when an unexpected guest-Catherine’s long-lost fiance`-turns up at the party, Catherine and Stephen’s love is tested. And that is not the only surprise guest of the evening…


Review: Raising the Devil is a hot and steamy quickie read that will leave you longing for more.

Diana is done a great job on creating her characters and showing the love and trust between a married couple. It’s a believable story because it puts you in the position of what would you do in this situation. When you love someone you will do anything in your power to make all their wants and dreams come true.

This is a really erotic and steamy short story. It’s got bondage and rough sex. It shows how much you have to love the one your with to be able to sit and watch them have a menage` with your friends who you also trust.

I understand the feeling of wanting to have a child and you feel so empty.

When I was at the end of reading Raising the Devil I was so disappointed. Not about the story because it had wonderful twist and turns and surprises. It was because I was at the end.