Review: Princess Mine by Brindle Chase

Princess Mine by Brindle Chase
Release Date: July 20, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 71
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Princess Briareth’lianna traverses Drearwood forest every full moon-for the exhilarating thrill of the chase. Her heart pounds rapid in her Elven chest as Daeven, the sexy human werewolf, tracks her with bestial hunger. A hundred times she has escaped the dark and incredibly hot wereling, but the adrenaline-laden lust that scorches her veins each time leaves her yearning to know what would transpire if caught. His ravenous need and powerful body could destroy her…or engulf them both in the fire that fuels her erotic dreams.

Visions of the beautiful and exotic Briareth’lianna torment Daeven with sexual promise every night that passes between each lunar cycle. Their game of cat and mouse had long been more for him. To pin her in his arms and taste her, just once, he would risk a forbidden love between Elf and Human. This full moon, he vows she will be his.


Review: Princess Mine is a very sexy read from beginning to end. I really hated to see the end of this book, I just so in to it.

The way that Daeven chased Briar threw the forest, kept you on the edge wondering if he would ever catch her or not. You where afraid to know what would happen to her if he did catch her. Briar and Daeven know that their love is forbidden but once they get a taste, their passion just inflames and that’s it for them.

Brindle knows how to write a story and his words just flow off the page. He takes you on an adventure that makes your heart beat fast. He also shows you the trials you have to go through for true love when everything is stacked up against you. Love is really worth it in the end. I really loved reading Princess Mine.

Favorite Quote: “Tricky little wolf, are we?”



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