Review: My Merlin Awakening by Pryia Ardis

My Merlin Awakening by Pryia Ardis
Series: My Merlin (# 2)
Release Date: June 15, 2012
Publisher: self published
Pages: 171
Source: Bewitching Book Tours

Excalibur has been pulled from the stone, but what does it mean? Arriane (aka Ryan) DuLac doesn’t really care. She’s got bigger problems—as student president, she’s got to put on the Prom. While the Wizard Council debates their next move, she leaves the craziness behind and heads home.

But she can’t hide forever. Sooner than she’d like Merlin (aka Matt) has her chasing mermaids on the trail of the Fisher King. The wounded King, defeated by Merlin’s brother, Vane, in the past holds the key to save the future.

On the journey, Ryan begins to realize the friends she thought she knew, she may not know at all. At a time of shifting alliances, she must decide whose side she’s on—the brother who struggles to do right or the brother who dares to break the rules? And Ryan must decide who she is—a regular or a champion?

One wrong decision and her family falls apart. One wrong decision and the world falls apart. No pressure.


Review: Ryan, Matt/Merlin and Vane are back in another spellbinding story; along with all the wizards and gargoyles from the first book. Not to leave out Ryan’s brother Grey, mom Sylvia and good friend’s Gia and Blake from Avalon Prep.

Ryan just found out that she was no ordinary girl in My Boyfriend Merlin; if that wasn’t enough she finds out that her boyfriend is actually Merlin, yes from Camelot. Ryan pulled Excalibur from the stone. Unbelievable, for someone who thought she was an average American teenager?

Now they are all back for the next installment in this magical series that brings Merlin, Camelot and so much more into the 21st Century. Ryan is back at school in the Northeast where she is student body president, working on senior prom while still finding time to play Lacrosse. She is just your typical teenager, who happens to be dating the dreamy brother of Merlin, Vane. Vane is posing as the history teacher and lacrosse coach, talk about keeping that fact under wraps. Normal, I don’t think so. How do you date and not be found out?

Ryan still carries a torch for Merlin; he still has a claim to part of her heart. She is one lucky girl as the continuing pull for her love via these two very hunky wizards’ leaves her torn as to which one she wants.

The story gives us a glimpse into the mundane life that Ryan wants so much but quickly takes a turn and brings us into the gripping adventure that I found so appealing in the first book. Leaving you to keep turning those pages to find out where and what the adventure was going to be this time. And which wizard she would end up with.

As Ryan shares a vision with Matt, she finds that once again life isn’t as normal as she would like it to be. They dynamics change back and forth between Ryan/ Matt and Ryan/Vane pulling and tugging all the time. Vane continues to pressure Ryan into stepping up and accepting her role as the chosen one. Merlin/Matt is a little more subtle in his wanting her to step up.

Once again the exotic, mysterious and unsettling life of our characters comes forth in the story. As we find them still at war with the gargoyles and now with some wicked mermaids.

The quest to save the world takes us to the Salem Witch trials were we are led to the “House of Green Gables” (I may have to dust this book off and re-read an old favorite) were we encounter the ghost that haunts the classic gothic home. Hidden in a secret room amidst winding staircases, unknown passageways are the Fisher King’s trident or maybe Poseidon’s. I guess we will have to follow the adventure to find out.

As we journey back and forth we do it with ease, never missing a beat. Ms. Ardis has a magical spell that she weaves in making it hard to decipher the differences between the past and present in her story; as she has us believing this is not something unusual but in fact something more compelling, she makes it seem real as she breathes life into stogy old history.

She grips and captures the imagination romanticizing Camelot once again but in a 21st century kind of way. I was again was captivated with Ms. Ardis’s story of Merlin. The vividness and well written characters have certainly enchanted this reader.

Don’t take my word for it find out for yourself. Purchase your own copy of My Merlin Awakening and might I suggest if you haven’t yet read My Boyfriend Merlin to pick up a copy of it also. I know you will fall in love with the Magic of Camelot and Merlin all over again.