Review: Memory Lapse by Elaine Lowe

Memory Lapse by Elaine Lowe
Release Date: November 4, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
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Anton has loved Cynthia for close to a hundred and thirty years. He’s a made-vampire, a monster not good enough for her. He’s flitted in and out of her very long life ever since he was created. Now, she helps keep Earth safe from the magic of multiple realities, and he’s been a bounty hunter for years.

Anton decides to win his lady, and brings her a present, a little green, furry creature he rescued from a marketplace in Mexico City. She lets him into her headquarters-and the next thing either of them know, they wake up in bed together, bonded for life and covered in scratches and love bites. What happened?

Reliving the memories and admitting to the love and passion they shared is a sweet victory at a time when the world may be falling down around them all.


Review: I just want to say that I’m feeling a little jealous after reading Memory Lapse. I’m not talking about the whole missing memory thing that would really suck. What woman wouldn’t want a man to be in love with her for over a hundred years?

You can tell the author has done a wonderful job on the research that went into writing Memory Lapse. All the different languages and all the scientific knowledge. I just wish I could say and understand one foreign language. The sex scenes were really hot and steamy. That is after they could remember them.

The way Memory Lapse ended looks like there’s going to be more to come. I really hope so because I would like to find all what happens instead of it being a mystery. Memory Lapse has got to be the best erotic romance book that I’ve read in awhile. I know that I’m in love with Anton myself.

Favorite Quote: “We’ve eternity in front of us, iubita. Not nearly long enough, but I’ll take it.”




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