Review: Dark Side of Valor by Alicia Singleton

Dark Side of Valor by Alicia Singleton
Release Date: February 7, 2012
Publisher: Strebor Books International
Pages: 336
Source: book provided by the author

Lelia Freeman thought shed survived hell once she escaped the volatile streets of Los Angeles. Now, she knows shed only been singed by the tips of the flames. Plagued by the nightmares of her youth, the child advocate fights the haunting from her past that threatens her sanity. When past and present collide, she is imprisoned in a deadly game of power, becomes a pawn in a political time bomb.


Review: Think about the word valor for a second and see what you come up with …bravery, courage, fighting till the end? This book is about all that and so much more.

The author took me to a whole new world that definitely did not previously exist in my mind. A world lived on the wrong side of the streets where “monsters” of the truly deep, dark and dangerous kind lurk around every corner ready to pounce on their unsuspecting pray. This is where we get to know Lelia the street angel advocate for children.

She fights for those who cannot. Ending up kidnapped is where the author truly steps up the plot and the book got really exciting. She had me handing onto the edge of my seat and even had me double checking behind me every now and then when I was outside the house in town.

That is how intense and great the book was that it really felt as if someone was following me! The book had suspense, action, intrigue and was written with such unmistakable passion!

I loved every deep, dark and scary second of it! A must read for mystery and suspense fans.

Favorite Quote: “You will pay dearly for your folly.”



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