Review: Colt by Georgina Gentry

Colt by Georgina Gentry
Series: The Texans (# 3)
Release Date: February 1, 2012
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp
Pages: 352
Source: book provided by the publisher

Hannah Brownley is a Texas girl, through and through. Defiant even after being held prisoner for years by the Comanche, her spirit has kept her fighting – and kept her alive. And it’s not about to be broken now by a so-called rescue that’s separated her from the one person who matters – her son. But Colt cannot let Hannah return to her captors, even if doing so would appease the ruthless warrior endangering his fort. Nor can he forget her haunted moonlit eyes that seem to see through him, to his deepest desires. Which leaves him no choice: to find Hannah’s child and be the hero she’s always deserved…or die trying.


Review: Having loved reading Georgina Gentry in my younger years, I eagerly jumped at the chance to read her latest book, Colt. The plot wasn’t necessarily new and fresh but still enjoyable none the less.

I found myself drawn into the story right from the start and felt a strong connection with both Colt and Hannah. Hannah was a very strong, fiercely independent woman who was dealt a rough, tough and harsh life from a very young age. Even though Colt was engaged to someone else, he found himself drawn to Hannah’s strength and determination. The romance between Hannah and Colt bloomed over time at a slow and sweet pace throughout the entire book.

While the over the top references to “”being a Texan”” became a bit cheesy by the end of the story, overall I found it to be an enjoyable read.

Even though this is book 3 of The Texans series, it definitely can be read as a standalone. In fact I look forward to reading books 1 and 2 to see what connection they make with this story. Also, I cannot wait to get my hands on upcoming book 4, Travis which will be featuring Hannah’s half-Comanche son from this story.


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