Review: Captain O’Reilly’s Woman by Gwen Campbell

Captain O’Reilly’s Woman by Gwen Campbell
Series: Love from the Ashes Series (# 1)
Release Date: May 5, 2011
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Pages: 288
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

The year is 21GW…twenty-one years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth’s population. But the world is starting to recover. Parts of it anyway. The Army had been recruiting aggressively since the year 2GW, defending the borders and the peace. Medics like Corporal Samantha Cooper bring health care to communities that have been without more that bandages and butterfly kisses for twenty-one years.

Samantha’s also got some rare genes and she’s just been designated RI. Repopulation Imperative. It’s an easy gig really. She just has to get herself knocked up. In return, she gets special privileges, compensation, and ensures the genetic diversity of the human race.

Problem is, the only man she’s considering for the role of baby maker is her CO. Captain David O’Reilly’s thirteen years older than her, a survivor and one of the most capable, honorable men she’s ever met.

So how does a grunt ask a decorated officer to risk everything he’s worked for in exchange for a hookup with benefits?


Review: I really liked Captain O’Reilly’s Woman. It’s a totally different story then I’ve ever read before.

When I read books that are about the future and it talks about wars, it sorta makes you wonder if something like that could really happen in the future. The author made it really realistic and not just made up bogus stuff.

What would we do if human kind was almost wiped out and women of the future really had to start having kids at a certain age. You also had to have a certain amount. You can have over the amount they tell you to but not under to help the population.
In the bargain you get to have privileges that other women don’t just because you had certain genes.

I liked that Samantha gets to still get her education to become a Doctor even though she’s got to have kids. Just because she has the special genes she gets to pick the guy that would normally get both kicked out of the Army. I really couldn’t imagine having all that power. With all good things you will run into people that takes power just a little to much. That’s how real life is though. It makes me mad that some people use the weaker people to get what they want and who cares about age or what they have to do to get it.

What I like about this story is yes it’s a series but it tells you what happens to the main characters for years to come and doesn’t leave you wondering about what happened to them.

The only thing that was wrong with this book is a few editing problems. Some places in the book the words just run together without spaces. That made it a little hard to read but other than that I really enjoyable read.

Favorite Quote: “Damn well better be,” David muttered, then his mouth thinned. “Having to go through you giving birth to two is quite enough thank you.”

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One thought on “Review: Captain O’Reilly’s Woman by Gwen Campbell

  1. Thanks, Crystal, for a very thoughtful review. I’m absolutely tickled you enjoyed Captain O’Reilly’s Woman. Empowered women, no matter their age, intrigue me and I’m so pleased to have put a bit of that into Samantha.
    About the words running together…that happens to me when I use my e-reader and not my PC.
    Again, with huge thanks,
    Gwen Campbell

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