Review: Affairs of the Heart by Borislava Borissova

Affairs of the Heart by Borislava Borissova
Release Date: June 19, 2011
Publisher: Rose Heart Books
Pages: 216
Source: book provided by the author

Two novellas about love and loneliness, and the unique ways some people deal with them. We are born alone, we die alone but life is our chance to live in love. If possible… or if we so wish…


Review: While I wanted to like this book, from the very beginning the book was extremely hard to get into. With no real explanation or starting by meeting the characters, I was thrown through a loop with two people – who seem so different – meeting in between churches to keep their love secret. From there the story goes back two years to before they meet and things start to get complicated. Normally I love a story that goes from beginning to middle to end and back again but more than once I had to restart a section to figure out if it was before their original meeting or after. Characters were being mentioned several times with no clue as to which side of the relationship they were on. I wanted to like – or maybe love – this book. The premise behind it, about love trying to concur all is something that romance fanatics dream of, but this book just fell flat for me. Maybe one day I will be able to get past my concerns within this review and try the book again but I don’t think this is one that I can ever really enjoy without putting a lot of work into it.



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