Interview & Contest: Yolanda Sfetsos

Jen: Please share a short bio with us. Where can you be found online?
Yolanda: I live in Sydney, Australia with my awesome husband, lovely daughter and cute cat. I love spending time with them, but when hubby’s at work and my daughter’s at school, it’s just me and my writing. I spend most of the day writing, revising, editing, brainstorming, researching, or reading. Sometimes, I do a bit of everything.
When I’m not writing I love to read, go for walks, and watch my favourite TV shows.

This is where you can find me online:


Jen: Tell us about A Patch of Darkness and where the idea came from.
Yolanda: The idea for this book came to me several years ago. It was very vivid: a world much like ours, but where ghosts exist and there’s a woman who can capture the ones who misbehave. Well, it started out with one woman—Sierra—but the world soon became a lot bigger.

I always knew it would be a series and that Sierra would find herself in very unfamiliar territory that would lead to a lot of self-discovery…

A Patch of Darkness is an urban fantasy book, and an introduction to Sierra’s dangerous world.

Jen:  At what age did you discover writing? When where you first published? Tell us your call story.
Yolanda: I started writing stories in my early teens. I spent a lot of time reading in my room, and eventually started putting pen to paper. I had so many stories trapped inside my head that I needed a way to get them out. That’s how I first got into writing.

My publishing story began after my daughter was born. Before then, I didn’t even try to submit anywhere because I was terrified of rejection. But hubby helped me find the strength to do it, and I soon found myself having a string of short stories published online.

That’s where it all began for me—being published in webzines. Then I started submitting my stories to epublishers, and haven’t stopped.

Jen: Do you feel as if the characters live with you as you write? Do they haunt your dreams?
Yolanda: They definitely do, especially when I’m so caught up in a first draft that the story is tumbling out of my fingers and I can’t type fast enough.

I love it, and often find that they are the last thing I think about before going to sleep. And the first thing I think about when I wake up. It’s pretty intense, but awesome. And sometimes, being haunted by them so much helps me figure out plot problems.

Jen: What has been the highlight of your career to this point?<
Yolanda: Every new contract, every new cover, and having my stories published will always be the biggest highlight.

Jen: What’s next for you?
Yolanda:  More writing. 🙂 I want to write more books in my SFR Recast series, develop a few other UF ideas, revise a book I’d love to submit, continue writing the next book in my UF The Hidden series, and of course… write the next Sierra Fox installments.

Like I said, it looks like there will be plenty of writing. 😉

If you check my website, I always mention new contracts and upcoming releases.

Jen: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?
Yolanda:  Actually, I’d love to know if they believe in ghosts…

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  • The prize is a download of A Patch of Darkness.
  • The contest is open to everyone over the age of 18.
  • You must leave a meaningful comment for entry.  This means your comment needs to be more than “please enter me in the contest”.
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  • The contest ends on Wednesday, May 9.
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11 thoughts on “Interview & Contest: Yolanda Sfetsos

  1. Maria D. says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure I believe in ghosts, a part of me knows that there is some sort of existence after death but I’m just not sure if that existence is solely something that is located in what is perceived as heaven or if there is the possibility for our souls to go between that plane and the plane that we know as Earth. It’s a very intriguing concept though and I certainly enjoy reading about them in Urban Fantasy books. I’m thrilled to know there will be more books in Ms. Sfetsos “Recast” world – I like that series a lot and I’m looking forward to the release of “A Patch of Darkness”. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Hi Maria! I know, I find the possible existence of ghosts fascinating too.

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my Recast series, and I hope you enjoy A Patch of Darkness too. 🙂

      Good luck!

  2. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for a great interview and giveaway! I’ve been reading great pre-release buzz for A Patch of Darkness already 😉 It’s on my upcoming new release wishlist! I love Urban fantasy/PNR and I’m always looking for new authors. I haven’t read much about ghosts lately and I’m really looking forward to Yolanda’s version 🙂

  3. bn100 says:

    Very nice interview. I enjoyed reading about the inspiration for the book. The book sounds good.

  4. Crystal Newman says:

    I can honestly say that I believe in ghost 100%. I believe that I saw one and I wouldn’t sleep in my room for almost two weeks. It happened when I was eleven years old. My mom would tease me saying it was my imaginary friend. Come to find out the man that had lived there before us passed away in the house. Guess where he died at? You guessed it my room. We now live in a house that has a funeral on the side of it with a different entry. When we first moved in we had a body in there. Now they built another one in town, so ours doesn’t get used anymore. I really love the cover of you book. I also want to thank you for the interview and telling us about yourself.

  5. Jen @ RtB says:

    Our contest winner is bn100. An email is on it’s way with directions on how to claim your ebook.


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