Review: Impetuous by Katherine Grey

Impetuous by Katherine Grey
Release Date: August 26, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 276
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Mateo de Montayas, an impoverished Spanish count, comes to England to recover a stolen family heirloom and to satisfy his hunger for revenge against the man who destroyed his family. Arriving in London, he learns his hated enemy died three years before but has left behind a daughter. What better way to retrieve the heirloom and exact revenge than to use her to his advantage?

Teresa Darlington will do anything to keep scandal away from her frail mother and prove her father wasn’t a thief, even risk her reputation in a race to find the missing heirloom before the Count does. But she didn’t count on falling in love with the man determined to ruin her family. Can she find the heirloom before he does and protect her family, or will her heart lead her in a different direction?


Review: As a lover of Regency romances, I wasn’t sure how I would like a Spanish hero. I’m used to the English dukes and lords–the rakes of the regency era. So it was quite a surprise to fall in love with such a great character like Mateo! The book opens with the very mysterious Spanish count stowing away in an English estate, eavesdropping on a conversation all the while rolling his eyes at the stupidity of the English, which I will have to admit is quite funny!

He’s on a mission to find an heirloom that was stolen from his family leaving them completely impoverished. He will stop at nothing to gain his revenge. When he finds that his enemy is actually deceased, he turns his revenge onto the beautiful daughter, A perfect plan begins to form in his head.

He gets her to help him in the search. Naturally, like any good Regency, lots of danger and sexual tension follow! With a very surprising ending, this book will have you rooting for Spaniards to take over more regencies, I guarantee it!

I truly liked Teresa as the heroine, she had a mixture of naivety to her but was also very independent and willing to do anything to escape the life that she had been living. Including helping the handsome rogue with his quest.

For all Mateos shortcomings, he had quite a lot of self restraint when it came to Teresa, which I really appreciated as a reader. I would have hated the book had he taken advantage of her.

The book had a couple great twists and turns. All in all I found it a very refreshing read! Great for regency lovers. It will definitely make you a fan of Katherine Grey.

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  1. Linda Ornt says:

    Lovely story. Set in a period that I don’t know a lot about, but I sure learned something reading this. Well defined characters. Looking forward to the next novel by this talented author.

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