Review: Changeling Dawn by Dani Harper

Changeling Dawn by Dani Harper
Series: Changeling series (# 3)
Release Date: December 27, 2011
Publisher: Kensington Books
Page Count: 337
Source: ARC provided by the publisher


Shadow and moonlight merge beneath her bare feet, the forest floor blurring as she flees the dogs and torches. Werewolf, monster — those are the names given her kind by the humans who hate them.


Kenzie Macleod has spent her whole life hiding what she is, and she’s not about to open up to any man, even one as powerfully attractive as wildlife expert Josh Talarkoteen. But legend says that a Changeling cannot escape the call of her true mate, even in the wilderness of backcountry Alaska.


An isolated archeological site, a terrified Changeling cub, a secretive research center — as Kenzie and Josh face the ultimate betrayal, his obsidian eyes promise untold pleasure and hint at dark secrets of his own.


Review: First, let me start off by saying that the cover alone drew me to this book. I mean it’s absolutely gorgeous. Second, I’d like to say that Dani Harper is one of the most talented paranormal authors I’ve had the chance to come across. I’ve not read the first two books in the Changeling series, but I will most definitely be going back and adding them to my wishlist. Her ability to take the paranormal and create it in a way that is absolutely life-like is beautifully stunning!

Being a fan of paranormal romance, especially werewolf novels, I like to try new experiences in the paranormal realm. In Changeling Dawn we get so much out of this story that it takes the reader along time to just sit and reflect on how awesome this novel was. Kenzie, a beautiful archaeologist,a changeling wolf, and very much a loner, is instantly gripping. She reaches out to the reader and pulls them into the story to walk beside her. The reader becomes Kenzie and experiences the adventure through her eyes. Kenzie’s on her way to a dig in Alaska when she comes across the very handsome Josh, a wildlife expert.

Josh is a man who has experienced so much in life. A life of war and pain, he’s now a wildlife expert and has come across a precious little girl, one he knows needs help. One who is very much like the gorgeous changeling woman he’s come across.

As Josh enlists the help of Kenzie to save this sweet little girl, the passion between them can’t be denied. The attraction is more than strong and it’s up to them to bury their past and pain and help a child overcome her fear.

Most definitely the best paranormal romance novel I’ve read to date. I can honestly say that I am blown away with this novel! Rose That Rules All can’t possibly come close to the true rating this novel deserves. While the third and final book in this series, Ms. Harper does a fanatical job at keeping the reader up to date with the series, and it could easily be read as a standalone. Well done, Ms. Harper! Bring on the next!

Favorite Quote:“Okay, okay, you win. One—just one—date. But that’s all.” She didn’t look at Josh, just stalked off toward the nearest exit. “Do you get all your dates by blackmail?”

“Nope,” he said cheerily as he easily kept pace with her. “Only the ones that matter.”