Playlist: Going Under by Georgia Cates

In addition to being an author Georgia is a wife, mother of two daughters and a labor and delivery nurse.

She recently added Paranormal Romance Writer to her list of things that keep her busy, but she is ecstatic to release her debut novel, Blood of Anteros, the first book in The Vampire Agápe Series.

Like others that enjoy a great story of paranormal romance, she is easily bored by the tale of an obtainable, ordinary romance and was inspired to create The Vampire Agápe Series. When not tied up with family or delivering babies, she is working feverishly on the second book in The Vampire Agápe Series.

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I’ve been asked countless times where I get my ideas. I am a huge music head, so a lot of the events between characters originate from music. There is rarely a time when I’m not listening to music and I have a huge playlist for my different moods when I write.

My jams are my muse and anchor. When you read a “scene” with a highly charged emotion, odds are good there was a emotional song that went along with it. When I hear an inspiring song, I listen to it over and over as I see the scene of the book playing out in my head, like a movie.

This is a limited Playlist for Going Under. The full list is posted on my blog at but I warn you to not read it until after you read Going Under or be prepared for spoilers.


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  1. You are awesome! I love how you provided a sample of the songs I used in my playlist for Going Under. I haven’t seen that done before. LOVE IT!!! I’m in Blogger Love. 🙂

    Thanks so much,

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