Meet the Reviewers: Crystal

Hi my name is Crystal. I’ve recently moved from Virginia to Iowa. I love to read romance and I have since I was a little girl. I used to sneak and read my grandmothers. I’ve been married going on 14 years and have four children. Two boys ages 12 and 3, and two girls ages 11 and 9. I also have two dogs a Yorkie named Wicket and a German Shepard named Rambo. (No I didn’t name the dogs).  I’m a big supporter of Autism since I’ve got two children that have been diagnosed with it.

I love to read all kinds of romances but my favorites are the paranormal and supernatural. My favorite author is Christine Feehan and I can’t pick just one book. I read for enjoyment. When I start reading I get so lost in the book and forget about everything going on around me. My husband tells me that I read too much. I told him reading to me is the same as that cigarette addiction that he used to have. If you want to keep me happy and sane then I better have a book.  I am on facebook and twitter. My twitter name is @krissygirl1980 and my facebook is Crystal Newman.



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  1. Candace Sams says:

    Thanks so kindly for the review you did of Eternally Chained, Night Watchers Book 1. I greatly appreciated your time and was most humbled. Gratefully, Candace Sams

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