Interview & Contest: Lydia Dare

Working as a Writing Team
By the Tammy half of Lydia Dare

I can remember well the day that the first book in the Wesfield Wolves series was conceived. Jodie and I were at an all-day conference for plotters and I started telling her an idea I had for a historical paranormal book I wanted to work on. My favorite way to unwind was reading historical romance, but I had been heavily concentrating on paranormals for my own writing for quite some time. I told Jodie about my idea and she very quickly told me why I couldn’t write that type of book in the Regency (women couldn’t inherit certain things, etc., etc.). She went on and said, “But you could…”

By the end of the conference, we’d hashed it out so well that the idea was no longer mine. It was ours. So, out of my mouth came the words, “We should write it together.” We’d come up with an overall theme, we knew what the main characters looked like and how they’d behave, and Jodie went home and wrote the first chapter. She sent it to me and, two months later, that book was complete. We’re on our tenth book now, and our process hasn’t changed much. We still trade manuscripts about every five pages. Then the other person will edit what she just received and write five new pages.

I will say that we write a lot slower now than we used to. Of course, now we have blog tours, publicity, edits, revisions on prior manuscripts and a lot more going on that slows us down. We’re also working on our own individual projects. Jodie writes Regency historicals as Ava Stone and I’m working on a fantasy trilogy for Sourcebooks that will debut in September.

THE WOLF WHO LOVED ME, which debuted on April 3rd, was born of that first conversation at the conference. But more importantly, Lydia Dare was developed at that conference, as was our writing process. It might not work for everyone, but it works for us. I remember going home that day and telling my husband that I was going to work on a collaborative project with another author. He looked at me and said, “You? Bwahahahah!” I can be a bit of a control freak. But ten books later, the process is still going strong.

Have you ever worked with someone on something unexpected, and it turned out to take your life in a direction you’d never planned?


Regency England Has Gone to the Wolves!

Lady Madeline Hayburn Has Money Problems…

Specifically, she has so much of it that she’s dogged by fortune hunters, including her bewilderingly attractive, penniless neighbor, with his wild nature and uncouth manners…

Weston Hadley Has An Identity Crisis…

Specifically, he’s just turned into a wolf while Madeline was watching. Now it’s up to the regal lady to tame the wild beast… if she can…


Lydia Dare is the writing team of Tammy Falkner and Ava Stone, who have written two paranormal historical romance series. Both Tammy and Ava are active members of the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and live near Raleigh, North Carolina. Together they are working on the next book in their new paranormal historical series as Lydia Dare, Wolfishly Yours, set to release in November 2012. For more information, please visit

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