Interview & Contest: Jolene Perry

Jen: Please help me welcome Jolene Perry to Romancing the Book as she continues her blog tour for Night Sky.  Jolene, will you tell us about Night Sky and where the idea came from?

Jolene:  I liked the idea of starting a story from a bad ending. Jameson never told his friend, Sarah, that he loved her, and she’s now with someone else. This is the jumping off point for the story. At the time I’d never written in a guy’s POV, and I’ve wanted to do that forever – so that’s how Jameson came to be.

Jen: Who has inspired you as an author?

Jolene:  I’ll give you the cliche answer first – but it is true – my parents and my husband.

Authors that inspire me are – John Green, Sarah Ockler, Jandy Nelson, Laurie Halse Anderson, and two recent authors I’ve added to that are Kendare Blake and Stephanie Perkins.

Jen: Why do you write YA?
Jolene:  I started writing Womens’ Fiction, but all my newer ideas were YA, so I just rolled with that. It’s also such a wonderful/horrible time in our lives filled with so many firsts, and so much drama. Love it.

Jen: Do you have a writing routine?

Jolene:  No routine. My ideal writing situation is me, in my house, ALONE with a cold bottle of Pellegrino and some dark chocolate almonds, or some Kettle Chips – I can down a whole bag of salt and pepper Kettle chips in MINUTES.

Jen: If Night Sky was made into a movie, who do you see in the starring roles?

Jolene:  Jameson would be played by Carlos Pena (from Big Time Rush)
Sky would be Julie Jones (who played Leah Clearwater in the Twilight series)
Sarah would be Julianne Hough (from the Footloose remake)

Jen: Please share a short bio with us, including links to where you can be found online.

Jolene:  I grew up in Alaska, and LOVE the outdoors. I’m actually doing this interview from my parents’ cabin out in Petersville. It’s a two hour drive north from my home and a ten-mile snow-machine ride in. REMOTE. I’m at the nearby “lodge” – Kenney Creek Lodge, where they have wi-fi 😀
I have two kids, one of those husbands, and a cat who keeps me awake at night.

You can find me at my BLOG
My group blog
On Twitter!/JoleneBPerry
On goodreads
Barnes and Noble
And my publisher set up an awesome site for Night Sky

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