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Inspiration or Determination?

First I’d like to say thank you to my most gracious host for today. I’m very excited to be here at Romancing the Book and visit with all the passersby.

So many times we’re asked as writers what inspires us to write a certain genre or theme or book, or even what inspires us to write period. But what I don’t see a lot of is writers being asked what gives them the determination to act on that inspiration. Because I feel one without the other simply doesn’t work. Without the drive, one can look at the source of inspiration all day long and not write a single word, vice versus the same can be said about determination. One can be as determined as a stubborn old mule, but without a lick of inspiration where are you? The question is a bit kin to what helps you get over writer’s block, to me all these things are interwoven and act together to produce great works.

I wanted to share with you today a bit of determination straight of my desk.  🙂 Over the past several months I’ve acquired quite a collection from my husband and friends. Pieces of knickknack that sit scattered around my desk that serve as reminders every day to never give up.

My first acquisition came in the form of a water sprite named Arwen after one of my muses. She’s pretty cute if I do say so myself and reminds my muse to keep talking from time to time. It was just this past month that my husband had a Star of Arwen necklace made for me to wear while I sit around the office spinning yarns. What he doesn’t know is the fact that it came from him makes it all the more inspirational and gives me the determination to make this work on the days the going gets tough. It’s because of him that I can sit spinning yarns. I’m one of the few writers I know that stays home to write full-time. Thank you, husband!

When I first married him, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. While I’d dated many military men, he was the first that I had any inclination to actually marry and follow all over the place. Little did I know what that meant or entailed. A few days prior to saying the I-dos a friend of his gave me a pep talk about being a military wife. Along with the talk came a tiny card for me to carry in my wallet with the Rhino Creed on it. I won’t recite the whole thing here, as it’s rather long, but it goes something like you have to have a thick skin to endure this—like a rhino. I have found that same principle applies in the publishing industry. A thick rhino skin is a must. Thus, my husband gave me a small stuffed rhino that hangs precariously on the edge of my monitor so I can see him always without looking around the room. Thank goodness he’s there some days.

Along with that rhino skin, sometimes you need a healthy dose of faith. Without it, whether we realize it or not, we’d never take a step forward. My friend from down the street gave me a plaque to sit on my desk that reads: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.~~Martin Luther King Jr. Albeit, sometimes the staircase leads down to a dark, dank basement, but what about the times it doesn’t and it leads into the sunshine and clouds? Without this faith, we’d never know, now would we?

The last trinket I wanted to tell you about today is my turtle bookend. You see, my husband calls me the turtle—and not for derogatory reasons. He’s a firm believer that the turtle determined and calculating wins the race every time.  I think he’s right. So, I always start with a plan and take my time in executing it, examining my options and analyzing things before I decide which staircase to step on with that healthy dose of faith it takes. So far this year that attitude is working. My plan to expand my career is coming to fruition and I couldn’t be happier.

Hope my determination helps you somehow today with your inspiration…

* * * * *

Lila Munro currently resides on the coast of North Carolina with her husband and their two four-legged kids. She’s a military wife with an empty nest and takes much of her inspiration for her heroes from the marines she’s lived around for the past fifteen years. Coining the term realmantica, she strives to produce quality romance in a realistic setting. Her genre of choice is contemporary romance that spans everything from the sensual to BDSM and ménage. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on, trips to the museum and aquarium, taking field research trips, and soaking up the sun on the nearby beaches. Her works include The Executive Officer’s Wife, Bound By Trust, Destiny’s Fire, Salvation, Three for Keeps, the Force Recon series, the Slower Lower series, and the Identity series. She’s a member in good standing of RWA and Passionate Ink. Currently she’s working on sequels to several series to be released throughout 2012. And has a brand new line scheduled for winter 2012-13. Ms. Munro loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted via her website or through Facebook at You can also contact her via email at

Her latest release is Assumed Identity, Book Three Identity Crisis Series…

Innocent childhood games of dress-up and pretend…

Julie Stevens is as straight as they come. Or so she tries to convince herself. But it isn’t easy believing that little white lie when she has the two most sexually eccentric best friends on the planet. One is a bi-sexual Domme who believes if it looks fun, try it. The other is a gay man in the role of slave to his very sexy Master whom Julie often wishes wasn’t gay. Dante’s commanding presence makes her want to do things that set her on fire with need and embarrassment. Given her boring vanilla life, how exactly does she fit into their world? Would they like to have a shinier third wheel?

Are a completely different animal for grownups…

After one wild evening and a bit too much liquid encouragement, Julie discovers a side of herself she’s always tried to ignore. The realization she’s a sub not only scares her, it excites her and she yearns for more. But the process of finding the right man to teach her becomes a real issue, until Mason comes along. He’s everything Julie imagines a Dom should be. Armed with her masque and Renaissance costume, Julie is thrown for a loop when the handsome Master draws more willingness out of her than she ever thought possible. Is it possible she’s more than a submissive? And will the assumptions he’s made about her identity end up tearing them apart?


Contest details:

  • The prize is a PDF of Book 1 and 2, Identity Crisis and True Identity.
  • The contest is open to everyone over the age of 18.
  • You must leave a meaningful comment for entry.  This means your comment needs to be more than “please enter me in the contest”.
  • Because a valid email is needed to comment in WordPress, if you are ineligible for the contest, but still want to comment, please leave some sort of “don’t enter me in the contest” note in your comment.
  • While following the blog isn’t required, it is appreciated.
  • The contest ends on Sunday, May 6.


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9 thoughts on “Guest & Contest: Lila Munro

  1. Lila says:

    Good morning all! Thanks so much for having me over today and I look forward to popping in and out throughout the day to chat with the audience. 🙂

  2. Chris Bails says:

    This book looks great. I have read of few of Lila’s books and have loved them. Both of these books look great and would love to win and read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for a fun post and generous giveaway! I haven’t had the pleasure of rading any of Lila’s books cuz I live under a rock, lol 🙂

    I think that she made an excellent point. You can have all the inspiration and sparks of ideas you want, but if you don’t follow through, it’s useless. A great thing to think about, in all aspects of day to day life 🙂

  4. Lila says:

    Hi Chris and Erin! Thanks for coming by. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far Chris and indeed, Erin, it can apply to all aspects of life, not just writers. 😉

  5. April Alvey says:

    I have not read any of Lila’s books so what a great way to start i love going to blogs and meeting authors that i have never met before and reading books i would have never known about. I cant wait to read some of Lila’s books.

    • Lila says:

      Hi April! So glad you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. celticmarine13 says:

    Lila, most people don’t realize the sacrifice military spouses make on behalf of those that served. I was in the Marines and my hubby served in the Army Special Forces. In addition, the families also make a lot of sacrifices as I also grew up in a military family. As you said, you learn a lot about faith and perseverence.
    Thank you for your sacrifice and your husband for serving.

  7. Lila says:

    Congratulations, Erin! You were the winner of the PDF’s of Identity books one and two! I’ve zipped your prize out, hope you enjoy them!

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