Review: What Might Have Been by Margaret Mater

What Might Have Been by Margaret Mater
Release Date: April 13, 2009
Publisher: Eloquent Books
Pages:  444 pages
Source: ebook provided by the author

After a rough start in life, Deanna McClanley had finally found her way. With a burgeoning career and a thriving relationship, she thought nothing of helping her scientist friend out with a lab experiment. But something goes very wrong during the experiment, and Deanna wakes to a very different world. Bewildered and lost in the desert, she manages to make her way to a town. As she tries to work out where she is and how she got there, she is confronted with the impossible: this is the boomtown of Tombstone, Arizona Territory, in the year 1881. As her fate becomes entwined with famed heroes and outlaws of the day, Deanna struggles to find a safe place for herself and her heart in the epic time-journey adventure of What Might Have Been. Author Bio: Author Margaret Mater was born and raised in Moundridge, Kansas. She currently lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, Chris, and their son, Cirdan. Their family has enjoyed a number of visits to the engaging historic town of Tombstone, Arizona as a part of research fore What Might Hav Been.

Review: We all sometimes either wish we could travel back in time to either a time of regency or where ancient history took place, there are even those of us who sometimes get the feeling that I am not suppose to be living in this century I am meant to be someone else. So what happens if you, a modern woman set in her ways and just taking her upside down life, one day at a time with the thought of time traveling to a whole other world does not even sound possible, is suddenly against her will presented with the opportunity.

Deanna is that woman and she has no idea about the ride she is about to encounter. You see her friend has this new experiment that comes in the form of something so ordinary that you would never suspect it to be a time travel machine. And before you know it Deanna is thrown back into one of the places I would definitely love to see in action, the wild wild west with all it’s action packed hero’s, horses, bars, woman of ill repute and very old primitive ways of live. (not forgetting the hot cowboys)

Sounds exciting right?  Imagine being able to see it all the way it was back in those days, I mean come on which one of you can honestly say they would not be tempted to meet Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday!!! Add a hot romance into the mix and what do you get?  A woman trapped between should I go or should I stay, always a brainteaser.

I am not really a major fan of sci -fi books (which this one can certainly be classified as but not fully as it has much more once you get past the time travel bit) but this one sounded tempting and I was not disappointed. The author combines romance, sci-fi and history together in a very unique blend making this a real treat to the reader’s eye.

I learned a lot about the old Tombstone, Arizona, and the information depicted was excellently described and so very vivid that at one stage I really did feel like I was back in the old wild west running around with the baddest of men with guns blazing and horses running!

I also liked how the author laid out the facts and how Deanna gets to the decision of having to choose to make a new life for herself or return to her old one. It had lots of action, good facts about the old west, strong characters and a very good plot.

Again what I liked most about the book was that it did not leave anything to the imagination.  The author really does a stunning job at giving us all the facts to work with, which is what some books lack most of the time.

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