Review: Werewolf’s Treasure by Marisa Chenery

Werewolf's Treasure
Werewolf’s Treasure by Marisa Chenery
Series: Big City Pack Oh Canada (# 3)
Release Date: August 12, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 64
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Treasure never dates clients. A rule that ensures repeat business in the real estate market. But when her sexy-as-all-get-out buyer hinges his offer of purchase on her willingness to have dinner with him, she wavers. If ever there was a reason to look the other way, this was it. The fact she can’t wait to see what wicked things he’ll do to her body is just an added bonus.

Soren hoped to secure a primo home when he arranged to view a penthouse. He didn’t expect to be taken to his knees by the scent of his would-be mate. Being in close proximity has his wolf clawing to get to her. Or get on her. He’s not picky. But it’s tricky with these mortals. Soren must find a way to let her know about his furry side without sending her screaming into the outskirts of Toronto. His mating urge will push his control to the limits—especially when Treasure takes every opportunity to get him to go all the way.

Review:  Soooo…..hmmm. I’m not sure how I want to start off this review. I both liked it and disliked. I disliked it because, too me, it talked more about what Treasure and Soren would feel if they were mated and then had to be separate. I felt that that part really dragged in the story.

That being said, I also enjoyed the story. I love the intensity of a good erotic style story, and woowee! Did this ever have an erotic plot line to it. Soren knew instantly that Treasure was his mate, and from the on, the mating urge took over for him.

Treasure, a mere mortal, was highly attracted to Soren but she had NO clue what was up. Soren debated on how to ease her into the fact that she was his mate, but when circumstances arise….well let’s just say that he’ll do ANYTHING to save them from the separation anxiety he was determined to save them from!

All in all, the story wasn’t bad. There were places that it could have been better, but the initial carnal passion and desire between Soren and Treasure……..well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself to see. Definitely have a fan with you when you read though….oh yes. Definitely a fan.

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