Review: Seduction by Brenda Joyce

Seduction by Brenda Joyce
Series: The Spymaster’s Men (# 1)
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher: HQN Books
Page Count:  384 pages
Source: NetGalley

Dominic Paget, the earl of Bedford, will do anything to resume spying upon Britain’s enemies. Badly wounded, he is put will do anything in the care of a beautiful gentlewoman, Julianne Greystone, only to discover that her sympathies lie with his enemies. Yet he can’t help but seduce the woman who saved his life—hoping she never learns of his betrayal.

Julianne is captivated by the wounded stranger she believes is a revolutionary hero. Until she discovers the truth…her “hero” is the privileged earl of Bedford. Devastated and determined to forget him, Julianne travels to London. But when she finds herself in danger, it is Bedford who comes to the rescue. Now Julianne must navigate the intrigues of a perilous city, the wild yearnings of her own heart and the explosion of their passion…

Review:  I was so looking forward to reading Seduction – the first book of a new series by Brenda Joyce – since I loved her Deadly Series. All I can say is WOW! I couldn’t put the book down and I am thrilled there will be additional books written. The book is set in both France and England and you are effortlessly taken between the two countries and the war raging in France and the war efforts in England along with all the intrigue and spies. There are vivid descriptions of the settings as well that makes you feel like you are there.

The book introduces the characters so well that you feel you know them. The leading lady is Julianne Greystone who is reminiscent to me of Francesca Cahill and the dominant male character is Dominic Paget, an Earl, who reminds me of a mix of Calder Hart and Rick Bragg all from the Deadly series. There was intrigue, mystery, suspense, love, romance, heartache and tears.

Each chapter left you wanting more which is how I managed to read the book in less than two days and stayed up late to do so. There were several happily ever afters and most were unexpected although hoped for results. There was closure to this story since many loose ends were tied up but you know there is plenty more story to tell. I look forward to reading the other books in the series. If you haven’t read books by Joyce before I highly recommend you do. You won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Quote:  He did not hesitate. He bent to kiss each cheek, then opened his arms. She stepped into them and he held her, comforting her for all that she had been through. She was so very familiar, for he had held her many times, intimately but casually, as he was doing now. But as he held her, he thought of Julianne. He was shocked, not just because his thoughts were errant, but because when he held Julianne, there was nothing casual about it. And then he was uneasy. In his arms, Nadine felt like a sister, not a fiancee. He loved her dearly, he would always protect her and provide for her, but he suddenly knew he would never be able to make love to her.

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