Review: Revenge of the Barbary Ghost by Donna Lea Simpson

[image] Revenge of the Barbary Ghost - book cover
Revenge of the Barbary Ghost by Donna Lea Simpson
Series: A Lady Anne Mystery (# 2)
Published: January 12, 2012
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Pages: 158
Source: ebook provided by the author

Fans of the Lady Julia Grey mysteries by Deanna Raybourn will be equally compelled by these historical mysteries.

Cornwall, England, 1786

Fleeing the attentions of the handsome and commanding Marquess of Darkefell, Lady Anne Addison arrives on the doorstep of her dear friend. Seeking nothing but rest and relaxation, she soon finds herself putting her investigative talents to work after a sighting of the Barbary Ghost. Always a skeptic of the supernatural, Anne immediately suspects the apparition is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to conceal smugglers on the beach below her friend’s house.

When the infuriating – though enticing – marquess follows her to Cornwall, Anne is distracted from her ghost hunt by his alluring kisses, until murder gets her attention. Forced once again to work with the marquess to uncover the truth behind a mystery, she soon discovers that her passionate attraction to him has not abated. Should she run from him again, or give in to temptation?

Review: Anne and the Marquess of Darkefell meet once again. Having not read the first book I think it really is a must in order to figure out the whole romance behind Anne and Tony, as Anne calls the Marquess.

They are both enamored with each other and Tony keeps trying desperately to get Anne to marry him. Most think of her as rather plain but Tony sees past that and finds her other qualities more to his liking.

She is a challenge to him and she is leery of losing herself to the intuition of marriage.

As Anne has a way of doing, she soon finds that she is embroiled in the midst of a mystery that involves good friends, a ghost, smugglers and unsavory characters.

Tony searching for Anne meets with her mother and grandmother. He finds that he too becomes involved in the mystery. He is helping an old employee of his father who fears his son is involved. Odd how somehow, although starting at different points, end up working towards the same goal. Kudos in that aspect for Ms. Simpson.

I loved the mystery behind the story and the subtle way that Anne and Tony try to hide the feelings that they have, which at times, become pretty intense.

Anne although she has strong feelings for Tony turns him down once again as she wants R-E-S-P-E-C-T…plain and simple. Not someone to lord over her but to work beside her.

Ms. Simpson has a good basis for the story but I find that at times it lacks depth. She tends to vague, while only giving the briefest of information which leaves the reader or this one at least wanting more depth.

This is a light story and to most would find it quite satisfying. But this avid reader was looking for…more.

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