Review: Curse of the Gypsy by Donna Lea Simpson

[image] Curse of the Gypsy - book cover
Curse of the Gypsy by Donna Lea Simpson
Series: A Lady Anne Mystery (# 3)
Published: February 2, 2012
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Pages: 164 pages
Source: ebook provided by the author

Fans of the Lady Julia Grey mysteries by Deanna Raybourn will rejoice to discover this much-sought-after third book in the Lady Anne Mystery series.

Lady Anne Addison is finally home in Kent after her recent adventures in Yorkshire and Cornwall. While at the gypsy camp near her home, Anne sees a man she recognizes as her erstwhile suitor, the gorgeous Marquess of Darkefell. What is he doing sneaking around her property? In Cornwall, she asked for time to consider his proposal, after which they quarreled, yet again. She writes a scathing letter to him and his family, asking the meaning of his surreptitious visit to her home, which brings him to Kent. It was not him skulking around her property, he vows.

Despite Darkefell’s arrival, Anne is preoccupied with the troubles that plague her family and loved ones. Is it the old gypsy woman’s curse that is making her friends ill, or something far more sinister? Her fate and that of the marquess’s family are now intertwined, as an enemy from the Darkefell estate in Yorkshire takes drastic action that threatens Anne’s beloved brother. One by one, Anne and Darkefell unravel the troubling mysteries, and then travel back to Yorkshire, where their love story began, to finally solve the murder that threatens the very heart of his family.

As they work together, Anne cannot ignore the growing attraction between herself and the marquess. But do they have a love strong enough to carry them beyond their plight and through a lifetime together?

Review: I was lost at the beginning of Curse of the Gypsy as this is the third in a series and I hadn’t read the prior ones to find out more about the storyline of Lady Anne and the Marquis of Darkefell or Tony as Anne calls him.

Ms. Simpson keeps us spinning as we go back and forth between the two. Tony who wears his love for Anne on his sleeve has asked her to marry him and she has turned him down. But that doesn’t stop him.

Anne trying to run her dad’s estate and deal with not only all the servants but the gypsies camped by the woods and the entire town folk. There are problems that arise in any community and this is no different. The people in town are blaming the gypsies because things have been happening and who else do you blame but the ones that are different. Then you have people coming down with some mysterious illness and no connection…a Tony look-a-like…and on and on.

Anne isn’t the only one with problems. Tony finds unsolved murders and no one to blame. Wanting/Missing Anne brings him back to her home and between the two they are able to start piecing together things and solving the mystery or should I say mysteries.

I found myself lost at times as I jumped back and forth between Anne’s mystery and Tony’s mystery. There was allot to keep track of. The characters were kind of just there and although Anne and Tony were the main ones I couldn’t get a hold of them as people. They seemed flat.

However, having said that; I feel that if I read the first book I may better be able to understand them a little more.

The overall idea of the story is not bad, would love to have had more of the gypsies in the story. After all it is ‘Curse of the Gypsy’…

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