Review: Bronze Skies by Ilona Fridl

Bronze Skies
Bronze Skies by Ilona Fridl
Series: Dangerous Times (# 3)
Release Date: June 30, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Page Count: 276 pages
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

When her plane-crazy high school sweetheart goes off to join the Army Air Corps, Pam Wright writes him often but is disappointed that he doesn’t reply to every letter. She’s lonely, hurting from his seeming lack of interest, and dances with someone else one Saturday night. By the time Pearl Harbor is attacked, Lieutenant Tom Shafer has been home on leave, explained how busy he’s been with officer training, and made sure Pam will be waiting for him after the war. He’s also had a fight with the guy who won’t leave her alone after that one dance. But is it safe to leave her in the same town with this obsessed bully? How can Tom fulfill his promises to protect both his country and the love of his life?

Review:  This is the third book in the Dangerous Times series by Fridl who is a new author to me. I didn’t read books 1 and 2 but will have to find them and do so. This was a quick and enjoyable read that drew me in from the first page to the last even without reading the first two books since they gave a lot of background throughout this book.

Most of the story took place in Juneau, Alaska where the families were living. The rest of the story took place in the Pacific during World War II with many of the characters enlisting in the war. You became a part of the heat, the battles, the loneliness, and the fear. Tom, the main male character, was a pilot and flying and his girl Pam were his life. There was romance, some laughter, lots of angst and a few tears. There was family, friends, history, battles, casualties, injuries, a stalker, mystery and suspense.

I enjoyed the letters written by the various characters to family and friends that helped give their innermost thoughts as well as kept them connected when they were so far from each other. There was a happily ever after that looked on the verge of not happening many times with the twists and turns to the storyline but I’m glad that it worked out. I enjoyed the epilogue as well since it helped give closure to the story. I look forward to reading more books by Fridl in the future.

Favorite Quote:  Still feeling the effect of the beers, he collapsed onto his bed. I didn’t realize I’d have several battles to fight. But his main concern was how far he would have gone if Pam’s picture hadn’t appeared. That’s what scared him.

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