Review: Best Lesbian Romance 2012

Best Lesbian Romance 2012 Edited by Radclyff
Release Date:  January 10, 2012
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc
Page: 191 (17 short stories)
Source: book provided by the publisher

Happily Bedded Bliss

“Her mouth, the one I was so used to seeing smirking at me over some private joke, smiling during the rough times when only laughter could still the tears, that mouth with the full perfectly curved lips, wide and generous, came down over mine with a gentle certainty. God, she could kiss…” —Radclyffe, “Training Op”

Best Lesbian Romance 2012 celebrates the dizzying sensation of falling in love—and the electrifying thrill of sexual passion. Romance maestra Radclyffe gathers irresistible stories of lesbians in love to awaken your desire and send your imagination soaring. As Radclyffe writes, “within these pages are the reflections of our dreams, the memories of our precious moments, and the unique wonder of our special love stories.”

With contributed stories by Anna Meadows, Radclyffe, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Cheyenne Blue, Geneva King, Anna Watson, Theda Hudson, Sheree L. Greer, Catherine Paulssen, JL Merrow, Angela Vitale, Giselle Renarde, Lee Lynch, Lisabet Sarai, Siobhan Colman, D. Jackson Leigh, and Evan Mora.

Review: This was an anthology of very short stories about lesbian romance by various writers. At the end of the book there is a section of “about the authors”. It provides a bit about the author and provides their web sites.

When I first received this book I was a little hesitant reading short stories and not a whole book about a central character. I wanted to read one long story! Then I started to read these stories. They are very sensual and romantic so if that isn’t what you’re looking for in a lesbian book, then I suggest you find another book because all I have to say is WOW!!!

I think what I like best about the short stories is the possibilities. The stories end, always, with a happy ending and yet there are all of these possibilities of where the story could go that is so very appealing to me. For example, “Love Story” by Evan Mora is a story about a woman telling her lover about a story, I won’t go into do much depth (please forgive me!), because then I’ll be telling the whole story! The point is, the author leaves the end of the story with an ending and yet the possibilities of what the two women could be doing once the story ends is quite exciting.

I loved the one story called “A Prom Story in Three Parts” by Sheree L. Greer. It’s about a young woman (still in high school), trying to figure out her sexuality and how she fits in the world. So good! Haven’t we all struggled with trying to figure out who we are when we were in high school? I felt it was so appropriate to be in this anthology. There were also stories about women who fell for their best friends such as “Misty and Me” by Catherine Paulssen. I felt this story had a lot of substance to it and I really really liked the end!

I think the story that stayed with me the longest and was (in my humble opinion!!) the most emotional was “Clean Slate” by Lisabet Sarai. This was a story about a young woman who has been going to someone to have tattoos removed from her body. I won’t say anymore in order that you enjoy it without me ruining it for you. I wish that story had a more definitive ending but I understand the possibility factor, but I still wanna have more of an ending!

I give this book (and all it’s authors) 5 roses because frankly this book was fabulous and I lost sleep reading all of these stories! I hope you like this book!

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