Review: Beg Me by Scarlett Sanderson

Beg Me by Scarlett Sanderson
Release Date:  November 16, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Page Count: 88
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Tessa fantasizes about being tied up and tantalized with pleasure. She longs for a man to take control, to drive her wild with lust. But she’s never been able to let go and indulge in her most taboo desires.

The second Jared sees Tessa, he wants her. Her fierce intelligence and repressed sensuality call to him, make him burn with a passion he hasn’t felt in years.

Jared offers Tessa a deal—for a month, they’ll play a game of dominance and submission. He’ll make her beg, make her moan, make her come harder and faster than she ever has before. In return? He just wants great sex. No strings attached. But when he can’t get enough of Tessa’s scent, her taste, her touch, he realizes what he really wants is her love.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Devil’s Dance and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave. If you like smoking-hot spanking scenes, public naughtiness and determined alpha males, this one’s for you.

Review: Beg Me is everything you could want in a short erotic tale, and more. I loved the characters, the heat was off the charts, and the background was just enough without being overwhelming. I enjoyed every twist, and the character development along the way. Tessa’s interest in BDSM , coupled with her one time fiancée’s harsh rejection of her desires leads her to become a sex therapist. Years later she’s ready to face her desires head on realizing, she’s helping everyone else but herself. A trip to a new BDSM club in town introduces her to Jared.

Jared is a tall, dark, and sexy man who enjoys playing in the BDSM world, but isn’t consumed with the lifestyle. From the moment he spies Tessa, in the club she awakens something in him he hasn’t felt in a year. With a little seduction he convinces Tessa to enter into a contract with him. He’ll show her everything she needs to know about BDSM and then she can make her final decision on what happens next, no strings attached. When their time reaches its end will they call it quits or realize they’ve found something worth holding on to?

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