Playlist & Contest: Jennifer Comeaux

In my novel Life on the Edge, music plays a key role, not only in the figure skating aspect of the story but also in the relationship between the two main characters, Emily and Sergei. Their first outing together as friends is a Sting concert, and his music resurfaces throughout the book.

I’ve always made “soundtracks” to my stories–lists of songs that fit my characters plus songs/classical pieces I actually mention in the story. Below is my soundtrack for Life on the Edge. The playlist includes a few of Sting’s songs, some of the music Emily and her partner Chris use for their skating programs, and a number of other songs from the story. “Un-thinkable” by Alicia Keys is a song that’s not in the book, but when I first heard it on the radio, I knew the lyrics fit Emily and Sergei’s relationship perfectly. Same for “Do What You Have to Do” by Sarah McLachlan.

Listen to the Life on the Edge playlist!

Here’s a little more about Life on the Edge:

Nineteen-year-old Emily is new to pairs skating, but she and her partner Chris have a big dream–to be the first American team to win Olympic gold. Their young coach Sergei, who left Russia after a mysterious end to his skating career, believes they can break through and make history.

Emily and Chris are on track to be top contenders at the 2002 Winter Games. But when forbidden feelings spark between Emily and Sergei, broken trust and an unexpected enemy threaten to derail Emily’s dreams of gold.

* * * * *

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I earned a Master of Accounting from Tulane University and am a Certified Public Accountant in south Louisiana. While working in the corporate world, I sought a creative outlet and decided to put on paper a story that had played in my head for years. That story became Life on the Edge, my first published novel.

When not working or writing, I am an avid follower of the sport of figure skating, traveling to competitions around the country. Those experiences allow me to see another side of the sport and serve as an inspiration for my writing.

Contest details:

  • The prize is a Life on the Edge prize pack, which includes a CD of the playlist, a Life on the Edge photo calendar, and a signed bookmark.
  • The contest is open to everyone over the age of 16, international readers included.
  • You must leave a meaningful comment for entry.  This means your comment needs to be more than “please enter me in the contest”.
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  • The contest ends on Sunday, March 25.
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