Interview & Contest: Joan Bird

Jen: Today we welcome Joan Bird as her blog tour makes a stop at Romancing the Book.  Joan, will you please share a short bio with us?

Joan: Joan Bird has been telling stories for years. In her first incarnation she was a singer/song writer with a rock band (yes, her Fender guitars are awesome), then she started writing books, mostly for herself.

Joan’s storytelling is legendary amongst her family and friends. For years she’s been including short stories with her holiday greetings each December and for years her friends and family have been encouraging her to write a book. Little did they know she had a storehouse of novels just waiting to be read by more than just her mailing list.

A couple of years ago she began working on polishing the stories she had already written, which sparked new ideas that led to writing more novels. Tumbleweed Heights is her first published book, but there are more on the way and she can’t wait for you to read them.

Jen: Tell us about Tumbleweed Heights and where the idea came from.

Joan: A highly successful lawyer on the run from something that happened in L.A.,Gilly Casey takes some evidence and her secrets to a run-down horse ranch in the out-of-the way Colorado high-country town of Briarwood. Waiting for the State Bar to decide the fate of her legal career, she begins to acclimate to her new world. Besides, having a license to practice law is meaningless if she’s dead.

Luke Hudson has his own past to bury. In town almost three years, he’s become the crusty old Doc Moore’s, right hand man.As Doc’s assistant, he’s sent on a mission to deliver a dog to Ms. Casey for protection.

Sparks fly at their first meeting, not to mention an instant attraction between them. But when Gilly’s door is busted down in the dead of night, it’s evident she’s been found. Luke’s proposal? A sham marriage to protect her until whatever threatens is quashed.

As their attraction transcends the physical, it becomes a question of whether they’ll survive to share their secrets and forge a new life together. But will Gilly’s past extinguish the tender flame that’s drawn them to one another? With guns, rats, horses and Lulu’s pies my main characters are challenged to trust one another.

Jen: Who has inspired you as an author?

Joan: I would have to say everything, anything. Faith, music, family, my garden, books, movies. More so, for a reason I’ve never been able to explain, I’ll just come up with an opening line, or a character and whatever it is that haunts them. I have to start putting a story around it when that happens. I guess it’s more compulsion than inspiration.

Jen: Why do you write romance? Is there a genre you’d not write?

Joan: “I think therefore I am?” No, it fits because the relationships between people are the sweet, angry, funny, crazy, passionate moments of all of our lives. I love to have my hero and heroine struggle while they’re falling in love. To fight the emotion, then tumble in like Alice down the rabbit hole. Romance seems to fit that curiosity.

I don’t believe I could do the supernatural. Fantasy, maybe. I’ve done a children’s book, (not published-except to my niece-Ellen and the Tubular Slide). I wrote a rough for a teen interplanetary fantasy, heavens (no pun intended), thirty-years ago? That’s in a drawer but I think I’d enjoy finishing it.

No vampires, too bad right? All the rage I’m sure, but not for this girl.

Jen: What’s the most interesting comment you’ve received about one of your books?

Joan: First of all, there’s only one so far. Tumbleweed Heights. I did have a person I allowed to read my baby, Ordinary Miracles, tell me that I captured the pain and loneliness of aging -perfectly. Coming from an 88 year-old, I took that as a most wonderful complement.

Jen: What’s next for you?

Joan: I am harnessing a completed historical romance. It’s set in Sacramento after the gold rush. The intercontinental railroad is looming, the State is young, the Capitol building under construction. I love the history of this State and I have roots in that era and in the gold country, I’m excited about the book. It’s in the final editing stage and I’ll be pitching it soon.

Jen: Where can you be found online?

Joan: Twitter – @AuthorJoanMBird and Facebook

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