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Please help me in welcoming Delaney Diamond, author of A Hard Man to Love and Private Acts to Romancing the Book today! And we thank April, our guest interviewer and regular reviewer, for stepping up to offer this interview. Be sure to read all the way down to find out how to get a chance to win some awesome prizes!

April:  Delaney, could you please tell us about your books A Hard Man to Love and Private Acts?

Delaney: I’d love to! Before I do, let me just say thank you for having me here today. I’m happy to be visiting with you and your readers.

I think the blurbs sum up the stories very well, so below are the blurbs for A Hard Man to Love and Private Acts.

A Hard Man to Love
Hating him is easy. Loving him is hard.

Derrick Hoffman never quite got over not having a relationship with his biological father. The woman he was seeing is pregnant, and there’s no way he’s going to let her raise his child without him–even if it means coercing her into marriage.

Eva Jacob made the mistake of falling in love with Derrick, a man she knows is incapable of love. After their breakup, she discovers she’s pregnant. When she agrees to a loveless marriage, she tries to shield her heart from further pain. But she soon discovers that the heart wants what the heart wants, and her heart wants Derrick’s love.

Private Acts
Miguel Delgado fell hard the first time he saw a beautiful woman on stage during a karaoke competition at a bar in Ecuador. Interested in a short, casual affair, he turns on the charm. But she won’t give him the time of day.

Samirah Jamison has met her match—in the form of a tall, hard-bodied sculptor who won’t leave her alone. She’s not running scared. She’s just trying to keep a level head and stay out of trouble for once. But it’s really, really hard to be good…when you’re used to being bad.

Warning: This book contains a chef whose sassy mouth and swaying hips catch the eye of a sexy Latin artist determined to tame her.

April: What is a typical writing day like for you?

Delaney:  I’m not a full-time writer (though I’d love to be!). I work from home, so a typical day for me involves taking care of my business and interacting online. I check emails, return messages, take care of customers, check in on Facebook and Twitter to make sure there’s nothing I need to respond to. If I happen to be writing that day, I settle down for about 30 minutes at a time. If I’m really feeling inspired, I may write longer.

By late afternoon I “check out” of social media. If I didn’t get any writing done during the day, this is when I concentrate on getting words on paper.

April:  Exactly how much pull or “say” do you have in the cover designs of your books?

Delaney: My publishers are really good about giving their authors some say in the cover designs. I fill out the cover design sheet with as much details as possible. If I see a cover I like, I provide a link so the cover artist will have an idea of what I’m looking for. I also provide the links to images on royalty-free sites I think represent my hero/heroine.

The artist then creates the design and sends it back to me for tweaking and approval, and the publisher gets the final say if the cover will be used or if changes need to be made.

April:  Who is your most favorite and least favorite characters in A Hard Man and Private Acts and why?

Delaney:  I liked all the main characters in A Hard Man to Love. I’ve grown attached to the Hawthorne siblings. My least favorite character from the book is Johnnie, one of Derrick’s exes who has a small role. I didn’t like her because she approached Eva in the ladies room in New York and suggested that she got pregnant on purpose. Plus, even though she didn’t make an appearance in Book 1 of the series (The Temptation of a Good Man), she’s referenced when the siblings discuss how she got drunk and made a pass at Derrick’s brother during a family get-together on new year’s eve.

I liked Derrick the most. For one thing, he’ s alpha, and I just love alpha men. Even though he’s difficult, I like his take charge attitude and his protective behavior toward Eva. He loved her so much. It just took him a while to figure out how to deal with his feelings.

In Private Acts, I liked Miguel’s mother the least. Her obsession with money and status caused her to give up both her sons—at two different times in her life—for her rich lovers.

I liked Samirah the best. I can’t relate to her much because she likes being the center of attention, but she’s such a free spirit. She does whatever she wants. She has a good attitude. She’s caring and affectionate, and a little bit wild. She was just what Miguel needed to spruce up his boring, sedate life.

April:  Can you tell readers a bit about yourself ~ the woman behind the writing ? Such as some of your favorite indulgences, goals, pastime activities, etc?

Delaney:  I enjoy reading. I mostly read romance, but I also read a lot of mysteries and thrillers, and nonfiction, such as biographies or books about major events in history. I enjoy writing, of course. Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes, too. Occasionally, I take cooking classes, and when I had cable, I was addicted to the Food Network. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen by trying out new recipes.

Traveling is something else I enjoy doing, and if I had more money, I’d do it more. With traveling, I’ve learned to travel by myself. I realized a long time ago if I waited for others to travel with me, I’d never go anywhere. Now, whenever I feel like going somewhere, I make plans. If anyone wants to come with me, great. If not, I go by myself. Learning about other cultures, experiencing life as a “native,” or visiting an attraction I read about are all so exciting.

April:   Delaney, you write about romance. Please tell us a perfect way that you would love to be “swept off your feet”?

Delaney:  Sometimes it’s the little things that can sweep me off my feet. Before I tell this story, I have to say, I love the grand gestures. I really do. I like to get flowers, jewelry, taken to nice restaurants, and taken on trips—all that. But one of the nicest things a man ever did for me wasn’t a grand gesture in that sense.

I had worked a long day, and when I got home my then-boyfriend was already at my house. Since I like to cook, I tended to be the one who cooked the meals in our relationship. His domain was the grill. So, as I was saying, I got home and was greeted to the smell of dinner cooking. My then-boyfriend had let himself into my apartment and cooked dinner for us, and done a really good job of it too: pork chops, potatoes, sautéed corn, and salad. I almost jumped his bones right then, but I was so hungry and the smell of the food was making me salivate. Long story short, we ate dinner, and then I jumped his bones.

April:  For those who have not read your books yet, how would you describe your writing voice/or the types of stories that you tell? Tell readers what they are missing out on by not reading your work.

Delaney:  I like reading books that elicit emotion, so I try to do the same in my stories. Whether that emotion is joy, pain, anger, or sadness, I want you, the reader to feel it right along with the characters.

I also like to inject plenty of sexual tension into my stories. Even my sweet romance, Worth Waiting For, has quite a bit of heat in it during the first kiss that Julia and Freddie share, as well as the dance scene in the club where Julia lets loose and embraces her sensual side. When you read one of my stories, you’ll also get to see why the hero and heroine love each other. You’ll see how their personalities mesh, you’ll see them go on dates and spend time with each other outside of the hot and heavy sex. When they finally make love, I try to place the reader right there, to experience what they see, what they touch, what they smell, as well as the intensity and emotion the hero and heroine feel.

In a nutshell, I write steamy, sexy romance novels that makes you go “aww.”

About Delaney Diamond:

Delaney Diamond writes sweet and sensual romance novels with multicultural characters. You can enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels on her website

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Two tour followers will win a book from Delaney Diamond’s back list.

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