Review: The Vampire’s Touch by Shela Sky

The Vampire’s Touch by Shela Sky
Release Date: October 5, 2011
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 109
Source: publisher

One snowy December night, Genevieve Morgan, a witch, and her young daughter, Lydia, are saved by a mysterious creature of darkness. She senses more to this vampire than meets the eye.

Drummond Laborde happens upon evil incarnate feeding upon a wee child and interferes, saving both the little one and her mother. He cannot suffer the atrocity to live and, with stake in hand, destroys one of his own kind. Yet Drummond is different, the commander of his own personal destiny.

Genevieve and Drummond share an immediate bond and attraction. The vampire’s touch creates a frenzy within Genevieve. Still afraid to open her heart, she turns him away only to experience yet another night of terror. Lonely and frightened, will Genevieve allow Drummond into her structured, solitary life? Or will she continue to face unknown terror alone to keep her daughter safe?

Review: Genevieve is a mother to a young girl and they both are magical, powerful witches. Genevieve has cut herself off from pretty much everyone and lives for her child. Genevieve feels hurt by the witch’s elders, by her mother as well as by her former lover, who is her child’s father. Then we have Drummond, who is a very old vampire (have you ever read about a young vampire? no? me neither!!). Drummond saves Genevieve’s daughter from an attack from another vampire, which is odd as vampire’s don’t attack children. Tensions build up between Genevieve and Drummond and Genevieve will have to confront the witch’s elders as well as someone else…..hmmmm the plot thickens.

I don’t want to give too much away….. I thought the story was good, but I felt that Genevieve was too wrapped up in herself and was her own worst enemy. I thought she pushed everyone away when she didn’t get her own way. I liked Drummond, he was a more complex character then Genevieve and I rooted for him more then her. I thought the little girl was cute as well. I give this book 3 stars.

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