Review: Powder of Love by Summer Devon

Powder of Love by Summer Devon
Published: March 1, 2011
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC.
Pages: 183 pages
Source: ebook provided by the author

Wealthy heiress Rosalie Ambermere doesn’t know why Gideon Reed sits scowling in her sitting room. Or why she finds him so appealing. She’d envisioned her heart falling to a serene gentleman, not to this unpolished, brooding man. And yet she finds Mr. Reed absurdly attractive. Surely her craving for his touch is due to the strange powder she recently inherited from her rakehell cousin. When Gideon offers to help her find a way to dispose of the aphrodisiac, she agrees. Best to be rid of the powder and the man in one fell swoop.

Hired as a keeper, former detective Gideon must follow his oversexed client Walter everywhere, including into lovely ladies’ homes. Reed suspects Miss Ambermere is just another eager chapter in Walter’s endless diary of bedroom conquests. Another hedonistic woman spoiled by inherited wealth, until he learns there’s another draw for Walter — the powder that could create disaster in the idiot’s hands. He soon understands there is more to the alluring Miss Ambermere than meets the eye; perhaps enough to tempt even his disillusioned heart. Gideon must work with Rosalie to safely dispose of the powder without falling prey to the dangerous effects of pure chemistry.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, reference to drugs, fetishes, BDSM

Review:  I think that I have to pay attention to the titles I choose to read a little more. I thought when I chose this book it said ‘the power of love”, not ‘the powder of love. Go ahead laugh if you must, I did.

Ms. Rosalie Ambermere comes into a rather unusual aphrodisiac she inherited from a cousin who was very free in his sexual explorations. So much so that Rosalie sought him out in hopes to learn more. She finds upon his passing that she is the proud owner of a strange powder substance. This then takes her into a realm she never even imagined. She finds herself falling for Mr. Gideon Reed, one who is after the powder for some clients one of which is a wealthy gentleman that he looks after for his family. It is hard to figure out if it is love or the powder that keeps drawing her towards this unpolished man that isn’t what she imagined herself falling for.

Gideon, hired as a keeper, for his oversexed client Walter, follows him everywhere in order to pick up the pieces and keep angry husbands at bay.

They find themselves thrown together in a sometimes off kilter, hilarious adventure to rid themselves and everyone else of the powder that is a powerful aphrodisiac for sex.

Rosalie’s spoiled mother steps in deciding to throw a party. With the help of Walter’s new keeper they steal some of the powder and add it to the soup. Everyone who ate the soup is in for a very wild night, leaving much delicate cleaning up for the next day.

Ms. Devon has developed the characters in such a way that you actually find them interesting and entertaining. You are drawn into the amateur sleuthing to find a safe place to keep the powder out of the way. I enjoyed the twists and turns that kept you guessing as to what would happen next. Ms. Devon teased the reader with the awkwardness and uncomfortable situations during the Victorian Era, along with it being exciting and sensual at the same time. She wrote a well written book of foreplay, erotic encounters and an unusual way to lose your virginity. I loved this book and although I laughed at times, I also had a completely satisfying feeling at the happy ending.

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