Review: Madrigal by Jennifer Linforth

Madrigal: A Novel by Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera by Jennifer Linforth
Published: September 21, 2008
Publisher: Highland Press Publishing
Pages: 271
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Years earlier Erik faked his death and vowed the Phantom would never again haunt the Opera Garnier. But strange packages left by Anna, an unwanted Samaritan turned unlikely friend, cause him to desire the unattainable—love.

Battling the nobleman determined to lock him away, Erik must control his demons and tame a heart unexpectedly beating for two opposite women: Christine, who he longs to love, and Anna the woman who saw beyond his bitter soul to the man beneath the mask.

In the midst of a brutal manhunt, can he be loved for himself or is he condemned to be The Phantom of the Opera? Murderer, Maestro, Magician, Mastermind.

Review: I’ve always wondered what could have happened had Erik found a new life. In the Phantom we know that Christine and Raoul go off get married and so on. I fell in love with the mysterious Phantom and wanted him to find love. In Madrigal Ms. Linforth carries on the story where it left off. Giving Erik a chance to redeem himself and move on with his life and his work.

You meet old friends and make new ones as Ms. Linforth takes us on an amazing journey of where the Phantom left off. I fell in love from the start and was so caught up that I didn’t want to ever have this wonderful story to stop. This is definitely a must read for Phantom lovers everywhere that have always wondered what could have happened if…

Praise to Ms. Linforth for bringing the ‘Mysterious Magic’ of the Phantom back again and seducing the reader with each page.  Not knowing what to expect I simply fell in love with the continuation of Erik’s Story. How his life changes after Christine Daae marries Raoul. For anyone who loves the romance and history behind the Phantom will enjoy this enthralling story of what may have happened next.

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