Review: Eternity’s Sweet Endeavor by Jayme Evans

Eternity’s Sweet Endeavor by Jayme Evans
Publisher: Wings ePress Books
Published: October 1, 2005
Page Count:  274 pages
Source: ebook provided by the author

Willa wants truth. Her brother’s life has been changed forever by an experience she couldn’t even remember. A vampire has made her forget, but now she wants to confront the creatures and prove that they are not as dangerous as her brother believes. Once she meets Demitri again, she proves to herself they are worse.

Once pledged to the Knights Templar, Demitri plans to serve humanity even after his existence changes to one of endless nights. He has met Willa Hays as the enemy of his blood child, but now Demitri must protect her from his evil brother. Never did he think it would turn out to be such a sweet endeavor.

Review: Ms. Evans once again takes us in the lair of the Vampire. This is the third book in her Eternity series and once again deals with the emotions of the vampire and his quest for a love for eternity just like in the human world. It is hard at times to pull away from the struggles that come with Demitri and Willa.

I found Demitri to be caring and full of compassion, which at times doesn’t fit with what you picture a vampire to be like. Demitri is the type of vampire you would want to come out of your dreams and into your life. I found myself at times hoping that things will work out for Demitri as he is one of the good guys.

Willa is a strong woman that knows what she wants and is driven in her course to get what she wants. But once she gets it is it really what she wanted all along? I found Willa to be extremely personable, with a determination that most dream of having.

As with her previous books Ms. Evans flips us between the past and present, which helps in learning more about Demitri and how he came to be the person/vampire that he is today. She gives us the background needed to connect with the characters.

Willa is on a course to find the truth about what happened to her and her brother Shawn. Shawn wants her to let things go but, Willa is to headstrong and won’t let it go. So off to Kentucky she goes to find someone to answer her questions. The person she is led to just happen to be Demitri, a vampire. Not only does she not know how to find a vampire, what is she to say to him once he is found?

In the meantime, Demitri is in search of his brother, Sevae, in hopes of persuading him to stop the killings. Demitri is also led to Kentucky and finds more than what he bargained for. He runs into Willa, whom he met previously and removed all memory of him from her mind, to ensure that she is safe.

Unable to forget her he now wonders if she in fact does remember him and what she wants this time?

Ms. Evans gives us a story fill with passion between Willa and Demitri. Anyone with a passion for vampires will find this an enjoyable story filled with events that bring Willa and Demitri once again together. It is nice to see the struggle to keep their emotions and attraction for one another in check as they travel to Italy, so that Demetri is able to keep Willa safe from his brother. Willa in turns sees a different side to Demitri which endears him to her. Ms. Evans brings them through the dangers of the night and right into each other’s arms.

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