Review: Eternity’s Scottish Hero by Jayme Evans

Eternity’s Scottish Hero by Jayme Evans
Published: April 11, 2010
Publisher: Wings Ebooks Books
Pages:  663 KB
Source: ebook provided by the author

Brenna Freeman loves being a veterinarian at the zoo, but the animals don’t pose the threat that a rouge vampire presents when he wants to make her his vampire slave. She is content to live a simple life and wants no serious relationship after the death of her husband and child. She never suspects the real existence of vampires until a handsome man of Scottish decent shows up with unique abilities to come when she just thinks about him. He could be a real Scottish hero.

Gordon Wallace, warrior, cousin to William Wallace, hadn’t wanted to be a vampire, but that was the only way to free himself from entrancement to a lovely woman who took him away from his family. He and his blood-child brother Rory must help save sisters, Brenna and Rachel. Must Gordon first be a hero before he can find love? Is it possible for yet another vampire man to find his eternal soulmate?

Review: Ms. Evans pits good against evil in this story. Where there are two vampires that are after the same person, Brenna Freeman.

Brenna, a veterinarian at the zoo, where she is comfortable because the animals don’t give her any problems like the rouge vampire that wants her for his play toy does.

She doesn’t want a relationship as she just lost her husband and daughter five years ago to a car crash. Then in walks Gordon, a vampire of all things and takes her world upside down. All she has to do is think of him and he shows up.

Gordon, cousin to William Wallace, never wanted to be a vampire but it was his only way to free himself of entrancement. Gordon enlists the help of his brother, by blood, Rory to help Brenna and her sister Rachel.

Ms. Evans takes us back and forth once again from past to present in such a way that you don’t lose the storyline. I loved this gentle story where a strong woman can still show that she still needs the strength that comes from a relationship with the right man. Although the story lacks substance for me, it is a really enjoyable light read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a lighthearted Vampire story filled with love.

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