Review: Eternity’s Lonely Heart by Jayme Evans

Eternity’s Lonely Heart by Jayme Evans
Publisher: Wings e-Press Books
Published: May 2004
Page Count:  310 pages
Source: ebook provided by the author

Blake Cortland is a vampire and loves it. The only drawback is the eternally lonely heart that he deals with everyday since he lost his love over two hundred years ago. Could he ever give his heart again, only to have it broken when human death took that love away? Holly Winthrop is wanted for the murder of her father and is on the run. The real killer wants her dead. When she crashes her car near the house of a doctor, she isn’t sure if that is a great thing when he announces that he was a vampire. He will help her clear her name and then make her forget that he is a vampire, but does she want to forget her own superhero with fangs?

Review: Ms. Evans writes about the life of Vampires. How it feels to be a servant to one and the bond/relationship of the Vampires with his servants.

This is the story of Blake and how as a street urchin years ago he came to live with Ethan. Although he is indebted to Ethan, he somehow feels something is missing from his life. Over the years he has truly loved but one and she did not want to be turned. That was hundreds of years ago and he has been hesitant to love again.

Present Day he finds himself drawn to Holly who is running from her Uncle who has just killed her father and has put the blame on her. She ends up in Blake’s home and he being taught compassion from Ethan he takes her in and helps.

They are drawn to each other physically. They enjoy the moonlit nights; he of course because of being a vampire and Holly just enjoys the nighttime.

Holly finds it strange how Blake’s two servants call him master. Soon enough she will find out why. Will she be able to handle all that she find and go after happiness?

Ms. Evan’s takes us between Blake’s past and his present, in a way he talks himself in to leaving the past and the love he felt for Angelica so that he can move on and let the feelings he now has for Holly take over.

Although I knew that this story dealt with Vampires I felt that I wanted to know more. Ms. Evans just touched the surface. Ms. Evans makes it so very easy to fall in love with Blake and want him to find love. She also, has you wanting to hop into the pages and help Holly bring her Uncle to justice for killing her father. A wonderfully light story, of a vampire and how he finds true love, even if it is 200 years later and the women that accepts him as he is.

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