Review: Celeste Nites by Clarrissa Lee Moon

Celeste Nites by Clarrissa Lee Moon
Series: all three books in the Celeste series
Published: April 2, 2011
Publisher: World Castle Publishing

Pages: 45
Source: ebook provided by the author

Claiming Celeste: Jacques is hypnotized by Celeste and makes plans for her seduction. Little did he know that it would be he who would be seduced. But he is not the only one to fall for her seduction; there is another with a more eternal kiss of death on his mind.

Hunting Celeste: Jacques and Armand track Celeste to a seedy bar. Both brothers seduce her, trying to tempt her into their protection. Celeste again leaves unable to share her dark secret with these men though they prove to be steadily wearing her resistance down with their sweet words and soft touches.

Sharing Celeste: Jacques let’s Armand have the lead in bringing back the elusive vixen. But Celeste is proving to be a very hard negotiator in bed and out of it.

Review: This was a nice little trilogy with more to come.

In Claiming Celeste, we get introduced to Celeste a vampire who happens to be trying to get an old boyfriend to come out into the open so that she can dispose of him. So she has a pattern and goes into a night club night after night trying to get him jealous. But the only one she succeeds in making jealous is Jacques, who becomes enthralled with the way she moves on the dance floor. He makes plans to seduce her. But the tables turn and instead of using her, he becomes the one seduced by all of her. And with that seduction he falls hard and becomes protective, overbearing.

In Hunting Celeste, Jacques and his brother Armand have to track her to Jersey because she has taken off in her quest to rid herself of her stalker ex. Here they track her to a hole in the wall dump of a bar and both end up seducing her in a limo. And the things those sexy brothers do leave you panting for some yourself. But, the temptation of having both isn’t enough to keep her safe. She is loving th4e time with both but is still isn’t enough to change her mind and off she goes again.

Finally in Sharing Celeste, Jacques who tends to be overbearing decides to let Armand talk some sense into Celeste. Armand ends up getting her all hot and bothered and maybe even a reader or two, as he proves to be a smooth operator.

This short little trilogy was steamy and left you wanting to read the next installment to find out if these two hot brothers can sway Celeste to their way of thinking out of bed, because they have her in bed. Maybe they should think about keeping her there. But to do that she must let them in on her secret, she’s a vampire.

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