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So you think you’re an avid romance book aficionado, huh? Well, let’s just test your skills here and see. Tell me if you can match up these short bios to the heroes listed below.

HERO #1 — My first encounter with Bella Swan during science class didn’t go over so well. The entire time, I wanted to sink my teeth into one of her ripe veins and drink her dry.

HERO # 2 — Okay, so maybe telling the near spinster Kate Sheffield she was as lovely as her belle of the season sister the first time I met her wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But she certainly didn’t have to hate me so dearly afterward. And the way she beat me at Pall Mall with my own black mallet of death was just wrong…yet strangely titillating.

HERO #3 — The minute she showed up at the Orlando police department to report to us how she’d witnessed a murder via her psychic powers, I thought Marlie Keen was a delusional kook. But, wow, I still wanted to see her naked.

HERO #4 — She only came back to town because of her brother Danny’s death, which police decided wasn’t a suicide at all, but homicide. From the first moment Sayre Lynch met me, she hated me on principle alone, all because I was her corrupt father’s new lawyer.

HERO #5 — Tabitha Devereaux didn’t leave the best first impression on me. But stabbing you in the heart with a stake could put any man in a foul temper. Though I have to admit, she did try to make things better when I didn’t explode into dust afterward, proving I wasn’t a soul-sucking Daimon. Now if only we can get past the fact my grandfather killed her brother-in-law two thousand years ago, we may just stand a chance together.

HERO #6 — Virginia Waverly hated me before she ever met me, all because her brother raced me in some stupid race seven years ago…and died. I feel guilty enough about that as it is. But now Virginia has showed up in my life, eyes flashing with hatred, and has challenged me to race HER on the same course that killed her brother.


A: Anthony Bridgerton in Julia Quinn’s THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME
B: Beck Merchant in WHITE HOT by Sandra Brown
C: Dane Hollister from Linda Howard’s DREAM MAN
D: Edward Cullen, hero in Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT saga.
E: Gabriel Sharp from TO WED A WILD LORD by Sabrina Jeffries
F: Valerius Magnus, hero of SEIZE THE NIGHT by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Did you match them all together?? Yeah, I figured you would. Anyone to visit this blog must be a true romance enthusiast!

Now for question two?

Did you catch my theme I was trying to capture with all these heroes? Yes, that’s right. They did NOT get off to the best start with their lady heroines.

Sometimes, I like a good romance story where the two main characters make a bad first impression. I like how they can argue and bicker at each other while chemistry brews just under the surface. It makes the moment they finally come together so much stronger and breathtaking.

Well, that’s what happened in my newest release which just came out this month. In THE RIGHT TO REMAIN MINE, Willow DeVane meets Officer Raith Malloy when he’s giving her parking ticket for parking in a handicapped zone. From that moment on, they rub each other the wrong way. They argue every time they cross paths until they argue themselves right into bed with each other.

On the flip side, I also adore those stories where it’s practically love at first sight. Like Romeo the first time he spotted Juliet, or Prince Charming when he saw Cinderella, Zsadist in J. R. Ward’s LOVER AWAKENED the first moment he smelled Bella, Benedict from Julia Quinn’s OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN when he caught a glimpse of Sophie across a crowded ballroom. The intensity between them simply crackled with life and vitality. Romance abounding. Ahh, I love it!

So… I wrote a novella about that kind of first meeting as well! THE BEST MISTAKE, coming out March 14th, shows how instantly Deri Crandall and Cole Harrety click after she falls off a step stool and he rushes her to the hospital to take care of her swelling ankle.

Now, what about you? Do you like the loves stories with awful first impressions between the hero and heroine, making the steam brew between them hotter and hotter until YOU feel like you’re going to combust? Or do you prefer those wonderful, sigh worthy, first impressions? Let me know in the comments below (be sure to leave an email address so you can be contacted) and I’ll chose two winners from the two different teams for an ebook copy of THE BEST MISTAKE or THE RIGHT TO REMAIN MINE. The winners will be chosen on Friday, February 24.

Oh, and I’d love to know how you did on your romance quiz! Were my hints too hard or way too easy??? answers: hero 1 = d, hero 2 = a, hero 3 = c, hero 4 = b, hero 5 = f, hero 6 = e.

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I grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now I live in Kansas with my husband, daughter, and our nine cuckoo clocks. I’ve been an EPIC contest finalist two years in a row now, and my life’s been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing’s always been a major part my world, and I’m so happy to finally share some of my stories with other romance lovers. Among my works are YA romance, The Stillburrow Crush, along with contemporary adult romance stories: The Trouble with Tomboys, How to Resist Prince Charming, Delinquent Daddy, Hot Commodity, A Man for Mia, Kiss it Better, The Right to Remain Mine, The Best Mistake, and coming soon…The Color of Grace.

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