Review: Unseen Heiress by Olivia Ritch

Unseen Heiress by Olivia Ritch
Release Date: September 7, 2011
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press; English Tea Rose edition
Page Count: 39 pages
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

Stunningly beautiful Lady Evelyn Hume is pursued by London bachelors for her looks and fortune. Few recognize her extraordinary intelligence, until a most unusual encounter with a partially blind Earl.

Although Colin Livingswell has never seen Eve Hume, he knows more of her heart than any of her admirers. The Earl is determined to show Eve with his words and actions he is worthy of her—but the villain stalking him endangers them both.

Will Colin trust Eve and her family with his dangerous secret in time to save himself? Will Eve trust her heart to view him differently from all her other suitors? For both of them, beauty truly must be in the eyes of the beholder

Review: I really enjoyed this book. It was rather nice to see the leading lady care more about her intelligence than her good looks. Evelyn (Eve) is so funny and her family is just as caring as you could possibly hope them to be. It is so nice to find a book where the family of the main character is as loveable as she is. I found myself grinning at Eve’s mom and dad throughout the book. They weren’t hesitant in showing their affections to one another and to their children.

Eve’s internal musings throughout the book are delightful. Her habit of forgetting the names of her suitors was just too funny. It even seemed to strike Colin, our leading male, with bemusement. Despite having a vision impediment, Colin could just tell that Eve was beautiful, and it was really nice that Evelyn listened when Colin explained about he could only see bright colors and showed that when she insisted on wearing those bright colors whenever she was around him. I quickly found myself thinking of the old adage the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach b/c of Colin’s appreciation of Eve’s lemony scent that he repeatedly showed whenever he got close enough to breathe it in.

Evelyn is a great heroine who knows how to handle herself in a dangerous situation and Colin is a great match. They seem to complement each other, which is rather odd when you take into account they’re totally different from each other. Olivia Ritch does a fantastic job with this book.

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