Review: The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness by Tamara Lejeune

The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness by Tamara Lejeune
Release Date: November 1, 2011
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Page Count: 395 pages
Source: book provided by the publisher

Refinement is everything in the drawing rooms of the ton. But behind closed doors, a world of scandalous passion awaits. . .

A Gentleman Without Scruples

Patience Waverly has no time for uppity English aristocrats—and no desire to become one. But when Patience and her twin, Prudence, arrive in London from Philadelphia to claim an inheritance, she discovers that she is now a Baroness. Prudence, meanwhile, is determined to marry into a title of her own. She sets her cap at Max Purefoy, the future Duke of Sunderland—and, to Patience’s dismay, the most seductive scoundrel she has ever met. . .

A Desire Without Limits

Max has little interest in frivolous Prudence, but the outspoken, outrageously attractive Baroness intrigues him. When Prudence’s plan to entrap Max almost ruins him, he seeks amends from Patience. She must become his wife. And he will settle for nothing less than making their union one of unrelenting, unending pleasure. . .

Review: I thought the concept of twins leaving America to live in London had potential to be a great story. I was disappointed. While reading the book I didn’t feel that they deserved a happily ever after. I didn’t like either of the sisters. One is a spoiled, self-centered brat and the other is inflexible and unreasonable. Max is also pretty difficult to like. He starts out like a spoiled boy and then he is lying and manipulative. I thought they all deserved each other. I cannot seem to find any redeeming qualities to describe any of them.

I never really connected with any of the characters and that was disappointing. Usually at least one tugs my heart and makes me root for them. While reading this book I was hoping a supporting character would knock some sense into someone and tell them to grow up. I read to escape reality so some unbelievable circumstances don’t usually bother me and sometimes it’s even expected but some of the things that go on here just had me shaking my head. I think the characters needed to be more developed, maybe give them some good qualities and some of the outrageous behaviors could have been toned down and made more believable. The first time Max met Patience….really? I am not saying it is a bad book, I just think that it was extremely unbelievable. I did persevere to the end because I really don’t think I can give a review if I don’t read the whole thing. If you don’t mind leaving reality behind and you are just looking for a book to read this may be for you. If you want more substance and need a connection when you read I would not suggest this book for you.

I think I will look into reading another book by this author just for comparison.

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