Review: Mistletoe Moment by Blair Bancroft

Mistletoe Moment by Blair Bancroft
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Blush
Published: November 10, 2011
Page Count:  153 KB
Source: ebook provided by the publisher

After Pamela Ashburton’s dreams of a London Season meet with disaster at her very first ball, and her humiliation exaggerated by the unfeeling attitude of her mother and sister, Pamela goes to live with an aunt in Worcestershire. Four years later, she is well on her way to spinsterhood.Will Forsythe, a veteran of the Peninsular War, retreats to Worcestershire in the hope a quiet, solitary life will heal more than his physical wounds. But it’s the Christmas season, and he finds himself faced with a damsel distressingly in need of help to gather mistletoe for her aunt’s Twelfth Night Ball. As an officer and a gentlemen, he has only one option.

Review:  Ms. Bancroft weaves a magical story of two people destined to be lonely souls until mistletoe and the magic of the Christmas season finds these two and brings them together.

This short little quick read had me wrapped in the warmth of the characters. All the way down to loveable Aunt Honoria Whitehurst. I want to have an Aunt like Honoria. One who gives you the room to grow and become the person you were meant to be and doesn’t judge you but gives you continued support.

The year: 1811, the Event: a Ball during the London Season, where all young ladies come out to make their debut and find a husband.

Pamela Ashburn “Had a Bad Day”; she fell on the dance floor showing her undergarments and ankles. Shame on her, or so her mother and sister made her feel. So to save face she decides to become a spinster at the age of eighteen. She writes to her aunt who encourages her to come and live with her in Worcester on her farm, Apple Down.

So off Pamela goes fast forward four years and her Aunt decides to have a Twelfth Night Ball to boost spirits and get Pamela back out there on the dance floor.

In the meantime Will Forsythe not wanting to be coddled by his mother any more goes to some family property to heal from being in the war.

He runs into Pamela and falls for this pretty gentle sprite that is in need of help finding Mistletoe for the ball.

I loved this quite, gentle romance between two kindred spirits that end up needing each other to heal.

Ms. Bancroft writes a story that pulls you, the reader into it and doesn’t let you go. I loved falling for the each of the characters they were so real for me. I also, was able to visualize the orchards with their leaves that gently hide then show the mistletoe secretly hidden beneath. This quite love story gently sweeps you off your feet and leaves you wanting more. A must read for the romantic in all of us.

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